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She’s Back!

on November 12, 2015

It seems as though I start a lot of my blog entries the same way…….it’s been a while since I’ve written. Yes, it has been a while. Too long actually, but we all know, LIFE gets in the way and sometimes things that we love to do take a back seat.

But—–could it really be that my last blog entry was December 22 of 2014?? Nearly a year ago? Did I really NOT write a recap for my last marathon? Apparently that is the case and I’m sitting here thinking….this has got to change. Writing is something I’ve always loved. Why don’t I take more time to write? I know the answer to that. Too busy.

So here we go, a quick “catch-up” of the last year. January 2015 brought the beginning of training for my third marathon, Minneapolis Marathon on May 31st. Training started out well. I spent a lot of time on the treadmill unfortunately, and not enough time outside.   It’s not so much the cold and Minnesota winters, it’s that by the time that school is done and I get my piano lessons done, most nights it’s already 6pm or later and it’s way too dark to run outside. Same with the mornings. To get up at 4am to run is fine, but again, too dark to get in a fairly decent run. I would like to see the road, especially in winter to see slick spots. Treadmill running is not optimal for marathon training, but sure better than not running at all.

I don’t really remember at what point I realized this, but I realized that I had gotten off a week or two in the training plan and suddenly, I was behind in mileage. Couple that with the fact that my left foot was hurting….at times terrible pain…and I considered between my foot and the mishap in training, that I run the half instead. After careful thought (or maybe not so much) I decided to go ahead with the full. I wasn’t out for time and so I was going to run and finish.

Knowing that I was undertrained, knowing that at any moment I could really be struggling with my foot, I was extremely nervous on race day. The course was really hilly, my legs were killing me way before I had planned, my foot started to hurt at about mile 18, my husband came out and ran the last mile with me, and I FINISHED. And given all that, I was already thinking…….which marathon can I do next?

I had a few more races in the summer and fall of 2015. My favorite was the Park to Park Half Marathon in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Absolutely beautiful course, super well organized. My foot was still hurting in this race as well as a couple others. I couldn’t even finish the Quad Cities Half. I had to stop at the 10K mark and just be done. The foot pain was more than I could take.

I did go to my podiatrist after that race in September and was diagnosed with Morton’s Neuroma, and inflammation in the nerve between my 3rd and 4th toes from wearing narrow shoes at the toe box. He gave a shot of cortisone, I found new, non-traditional running shoes, still on the lookout for dress shoes, and I’m back running. The shot has helped about 90% of the time and even in that 10% where it hurts, it’s not NEAR what it was.

Where am I at now? I’m thinking ahead to 2016 and what I’m able to do and want I want to do. I am running with my husband a lot. We go from 1-3 miles a day and the best part of it isn’t even the running. It’s the time we have together when we run. Our lives are so busy that when we go running together, there are no distractions, just us. It’s a great time to talk and do something together that we both love to do. I can’t say that all the time we are anxious to get out and run as our days are usually 12 hour days, but once we get going, the times is really nice.

I started this blog on April 3, 2011 and as I was looking back on my entries, I realized that on April 19 2011, I started ending a lot of my writings in the same way…..”I’ll keep putting one foot in front of the other”. Well, it’s been nearly five years later and I’m doing the same thing. Some days better than others, but the point is that I haven’t given up and I’m still here.


One response to “She’s Back!

  1. Kim Hatting says:

    welcome back 😉 Glad I finally got to meet you. Somehow (fate?), I stumbled upon your blog a year ago, just after DSM. Find me a great race “up north,” and I’ll try to trek up that way 😉

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