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The Insanity Diaries~Chapter 1

on December 22, 2014

This is my Insanity diary. I am starting this on Monday, December 8th, 2014 with the intentions of FINALLY completing the entire program….60 days. I have started this several times, then backed off to allow more running. Marathon training doesn’t officially start for a while so I am going to devote my time to Insanity. However, I do have a half marathon scheduled in March and will need to begin to add miles to my weeks. I am hoping that I can balance the demand of Insanity and a safe increase of weekly mileage.

My friend Sami is going to start with me. She is at her parents’ home right now because her husband is deployed overseas right now. She will be able to do the first month with me and then she has to go back to their home in California and we’ll have to finish alone. The plan right now is that she will come over to my house early in the morning and we’ll do the workouts in my basement.

Today, December 22, marks the start of our third week and here is the recap thus far. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs. It’s been tough getting up early. I am a teacher, so I have to be at school fairly early, which means to get the workout done, get showered and ready to go, we have to start early. Both of us, at one time or another during these three weeks, have been sick, including the dreaded stomach flu. We have laughed, we have sworn at the TV, we have wondered why on earth we are doing this, we have hugged, we have sweated buckets, we have encouraged each other.

Two of the BEST days, for me anyway and I think Sami will agree with this, were Sunday (yesterday) and today. Sunday Sami came over early. You would think since it was a weekend and there was no going to work for either of us that we would sleep in a little. But we had my inlaws coming to our house to celebrate Christmas, so I needed to get the workout done earlier rather than later. We did, however, have time to sit and relax in front of our fireplace and drink coffee. It was SO NICE to talk. My hubby joined us a little later and we turned on some Christmas music, drank coffee, and talked.

The other day that was the BEST was today. The workout today was the Fit Test again. If you are not familiar with the program, you are supposed to do the Fit Test on the first day, and then every two weeks, and then again on the last day. You keep track of how many of each exercise you can do and compare it to the last time. Today was the first progress check. Both Sami and I improved in every move! We felt so proud of ourselves. It’s really nice to see some progress!

The next Fit Test date, Sami will be back in California. I am NOT looking forward to her going back, but I know she has to and continue her life there. Until then, we are going to keep on DIGGING DEEP with Shaun T, and once in a while our yellow lab Max who keeps tabs on us, and we’ll get through it together!

Shaun T Bananas


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