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on April 21, 2014

Happy Monday morning!  I hope everybody had a great week and a wonderful Easter!  

Here is my week in review:  My training went great this week.  The mid-week runs went super.  One I did on the treadmill very early one morning.  One I went on a gravel road that I like to run on but decided to take a different route half way through.  At one point on this route, I come to a point in which I have to either turn left, right, or go straight.  The “main” gravel road go either left or right.  The straight ahead road is more narrow and almost looks like more of a path than a road.  I always choose left or right, but have wanted to try straight. AND…straight ahead is HILLY.  So this week I chose that route and it was hillier than it looks!  The third mid week run was on our local bike trail and I had a super run that day as well.

My long run I planned for Easter Sunday because we were going to be out of town on Saturday.  I did some shifting so that my rest day was Saturday too.  I didn’t want to disrupt my family’s Easter plans so I headed out very early.  I was going to run part of it with my friend Ashleigh who is running the Minneapolis Marathon with me!  My hubby took us out to where we wanted to start and we headed out at 6am.  The weather was great at the beginning.  Temperature was 57, sun was just coming up even though it was cloudy, it provided some light.  There was a threat of rain, however it looked like on the radar it was going to stay north of us.  

At about halfway through the run, Ashleigh headed back to her parents house for Easter.  I was so glad she was home for the holiday and we were able to run a little while together!   I kept going and it seemed like just minutes after she left, the temperature dropped.  As soon as I felt that chill, I looked behind me and man oh man what the sky dark.  I saw a vehicle approaching me and it was some friends of mine and their family asking if I was okay.  They said it was going to rain soon and asked if I really wanted to run in the rain. I did want to keep going and I was so appreciative that they stopped to check on me! 

Sure enough, it started to rain. I can deal with rain, but I was nervous about lightening.  Not hard at first and actually, I didn’t even feel wet.  My hubby text me and asked how I was doing and if it was raining because he said at our house it was pouring.  I sent a text back that I was doing okay and it wasn’t raining that hard, which it wasn’t right then, and sure enough as soon as I sent it……the sky opened up and it poured!  It seemed like within seconds I was soaked.  My shoes were suddenly so wet it seemed as though I was running in puddles.   The highway I was running on had a couple of curves and after the last curve, the direction of the rain was hitting me on the right and sort of coming diagonally.  And it was coming down hard.  My iPhone started shorting out as I had nothing to put it in except my sleeve and my sleeves were dripping!  Rain was running off the bill of my hat….can you say SOAKED?! 

I was approaching the spot that I wanted to get to and I sent a text to my hubby to meet me there and pick me up.  It was raining so hard at this point that it was almost difficult to see.  I was feeling great though….but worried about my phone.  My hubby got there, had a hot cup of coffee in the car for me, and we headed home.  

All in all I was very happy with the long run.  Total miles was 13.1….it was a virtual half for Runners Unite for Boston.  Aside from the cold, pouring rain, I felt really great.  The highway was quite hilly in some spots and like my hubby said, some of the hills seemed long, which they were.  

Comparing my training now to the last time I ran the Minneapolis Marathon in 2011, I have had more runs outside this time than last.  In 2011, we had snow for a lot longer than we do now.  In 2011, I wasn’t able to get outside to run safely until nearly May, and had only ONE long run outside.   This year, I have had several long runs outside.

Here is what’s on deck for Week 13 of Marathon Training:  Monday-cross training; Tuesday-8 miles; Wednesday- 4 miles; Thursday- 7 miles; Friday-REST; Saturday-20 miles; Sunday- 3 to 4 miles.

I hope you all have a GREAT week!   


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