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Weekly Wrap Up

on April 6, 2014

Well, I have done one thing well….I am keeping to my goal of blogging every week. This will make three weeks in a row!

It’s been a fairly good running week. I have been quite tired all week, so some of the runs were not as good as I would have wanted. Long run today was 16. Got it done on the treadmill. I had some tummy issues and decided that it would be better to be on the treadmill if I need to go home rather than far away from home. It was quite boring, but I had my music and also a couple good movies on TV. At least the miles are done!

This upcoming week looks to be extremely busy for me. It’s going to be very challenging to get my miles in along with the other busy stuff with school and coaching. Hopefully we’ll start playing our softball games so we have less to get rescheduled later. But playing games means later nights and later nights mean it is even more difficult for Runnergall22 to get up early to run. However, it’s got to get done, so I’ll do my best.

That’s what is in store for week 11 marathon training. Hope you all have a great week!


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