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Sometimes it’s difficult to get through difficult days.

Sometimes it’s tiring to push through when you are tired.

Sometimes it’s frustrating to deal with frustration.

Sometimes it’s random thoughts that rustle around in your swirling mind.

Sometimes you feel like your thoughts and your words don’t make any sense at all.

And then you remember…..

Sometimes it’s okay to feel frazzled.  It’s okay to feel random.  It’s okay to feel hurt.  It’s okay to feel giddy.  It’s okay to feel frustrated.  

It’s okay to take a deep breath and begin again.



Exhausted, But Good

Wow….what a week.  It was crazy busy and this upcoming week is going to be even worse.  There are a lot of great things going on, but the schedule is completely packed.  Stress level high, hours of sleep low….but this too shall pass.

As far as last week’s training….went well.  I was happy with my mid week runs and workouts.  But mostly, I was elated with my long run.   I had a 20 miler on tap for the long run this week.  Honestly, I had no idea how it would go.  Because of our intensely busy schedule, I had to juggle my long runs quite a bit.  The 20 miler HAD to happen this weekend.  There was no juggling allowed.  And because of the juggling, I was quite nervous.  I knew I would finish the 20, or at least I figured I would finish.  However, I had no idea how I would actually feel.  

Looking ahead to the weekend, I knew that I had to get out and run Saturday morning, and here’s why.  Saturday was our son’s senior prom and pictures were to start with his group at 1pm.  My husband is the junior class advisor at school and so that means we chaperone the dance.  We had to be at school for last minute stuff at 5pm and be ready for parents by 7, grand march at 8, and then the dance.  Sunday morning was Mass, then drive an hour to return the tux, drive an hour back, have about an hour to relax, then back to school for prom tear down and set up the gym for our spring band concert tomorrow.  I had a window of Saturday morning to run 20 miles.  So that’s what I did.

I got started a little later than I had wanted.  I headed out on a local highway that I run on quite a bit.  I had a plan to go out 10 miles, turn around and come back.  Perfect.  But here’s an odd thing about me….I am sometimes very fickle mentally.  What I mean by that is sometimes it’s difficult for me to think of runs in certain ways.  For example, sometimes I really CANNOT approach a run thinking I have to turn around and run back.  I literally NEED to have a “point A to point B” route.  Sometimes it’s the other way around.  I can’t wrap my mind around a “point A to point B” and I NEED to have a turnaround route.  There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to my thinking.  It seems to very random.  Case in point, Saturday.

I had planned to run 10 miles out, turn around and run back home…..I had planned that all week.  Mentally I was prepared for that and I told my husband about my plans.  I started out and everything was feeling great.  I got to the 5 mile mark and I was under the time it usually takes me.  I felt extremely happy.  And then, everything changed mentally.  I could no longer do what I had planned.  I could NOT get to 10 miles and turn around.  I have no idea what really switched in my brain, but there was no way I was going to turn around after 10 miles.  So my plan changed.

I decided at 5 miles that I was going to run the length of this highway.  The highway I was on ends after about 18 miles at a T intersection of another highway.  Actually, it has been a goal of mine for quite some time to run from my driveway to that other highway T intersection.  In that instant at the 5 mile mark, I made the decision I was going to keep going.  I sent a text message to my husband telling him my plans.  I would text him when I got there and he could leave and come pick me up.  Since that route is 18 miles, I had no problem turning around then and running back a couple of miles until he got there.  

The route is hilly, but the sun was shining and everything felt so good.  As I got closer to the next highway and could see the signs for it, I started to feel emotional.  I don’t know how long it has been a goal of mine to run the entire highway, but here I was nearly done and I didn’t even set out to do it that day.  I got there, and looked to make sure no cars were coming as it’s a very busy highway, and then ran out onto it to actually STEP on it.  Probably silly, but it was meaningful to me.  My husband was on his way, and I turned around and started running back.  That turnaround didn’t bother me at all, because I knew I was so close to being done and that my husband would be there soon.  

I got in the 20 and felt so great.  As my husband was approaching me on the highway, he started honking the horn as he knew how long I have wanted to run the whole highway.  I was so happy with how I felt the entire run.  It gave me a lot of confidence and made me feel happy with how I am coming along in training. I did a 3.5 mile recovery run today and legs are in good shape.

When we got home Saturday, I got out the foam roller again.  I haven’t talked a lot about foam rolling, but I love and hate it, but I did put in a good session of it and then ice.  And for that matter, I feel the same way about ice baths.  Love and hate ’em. But they both are essential parts of my training.

Coming up this week, as I said, it’s crazy busy.  Probably the busiest week of our year at school for my husband, our son, and me.  My main goal, other than getting in my miles, is trying to keep my head clear.  

One thing that made me smile about my Saturday run….this morning after Mass, I started running to the car as it was cold and starting to rain.  I passed a woman who has a daughter in our son’s grade.  I said “good morning” as I was running past her and I heard my husband say the same thing.  When he got in the car he told me of their brief conversation:

Woman:  Was she out running yesterday? (They live on a farm along the highway I was running on)

Hubby:  Yes, she ran 20 miles yesterday.

Woman:  Wow!  Well we saw her and our daughter said, ‘There goes Mrs. Powell again’.  We see her running a lot out there!

I couldn’t help but smile.  Have a great week everybody!

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Happy Monday morning!  I hope everybody had a great week and a wonderful Easter!  

Here is my week in review:  My training went great this week.  The mid-week runs went super.  One I did on the treadmill very early one morning.  One I went on a gravel road that I like to run on but decided to take a different route half way through.  At one point on this route, I come to a point in which I have to either turn left, right, or go straight.  The “main” gravel road go either left or right.  The straight ahead road is more narrow and almost looks like more of a path than a road.  I always choose left or right, but have wanted to try straight. AND…straight ahead is HILLY.  So this week I chose that route and it was hillier than it looks!  The third mid week run was on our local bike trail and I had a super run that day as well.

My long run I planned for Easter Sunday because we were going to be out of town on Saturday.  I did some shifting so that my rest day was Saturday too.  I didn’t want to disrupt my family’s Easter plans so I headed out very early.  I was going to run part of it with my friend Ashleigh who is running the Minneapolis Marathon with me!  My hubby took us out to where we wanted to start and we headed out at 6am.  The weather was great at the beginning.  Temperature was 57, sun was just coming up even though it was cloudy, it provided some light.  There was a threat of rain, however it looked like on the radar it was going to stay north of us.  

At about halfway through the run, Ashleigh headed back to her parents house for Easter.  I was so glad she was home for the holiday and we were able to run a little while together!   I kept going and it seemed like just minutes after she left, the temperature dropped.  As soon as I felt that chill, I looked behind me and man oh man what the sky dark.  I saw a vehicle approaching me and it was some friends of mine and their family asking if I was okay.  They said it was going to rain soon and asked if I really wanted to run in the rain. I did want to keep going and I was so appreciative that they stopped to check on me! 

Sure enough, it started to rain. I can deal with rain, but I was nervous about lightening.  Not hard at first and actually, I didn’t even feel wet.  My hubby text me and asked how I was doing and if it was raining because he said at our house it was pouring.  I sent a text back that I was doing okay and it wasn’t raining that hard, which it wasn’t right then, and sure enough as soon as I sent it……the sky opened up and it poured!  It seemed like within seconds I was soaked.  My shoes were suddenly so wet it seemed as though I was running in puddles.   The highway I was running on had a couple of curves and after the last curve, the direction of the rain was hitting me on the right and sort of coming diagonally.  And it was coming down hard.  My iPhone started shorting out as I had nothing to put it in except my sleeve and my sleeves were dripping!  Rain was running off the bill of my hat….can you say SOAKED?! 

I was approaching the spot that I wanted to get to and I sent a text to my hubby to meet me there and pick me up.  It was raining so hard at this point that it was almost difficult to see.  I was feeling great though….but worried about my phone.  My hubby got there, had a hot cup of coffee in the car for me, and we headed home.  

All in all I was very happy with the long run.  Total miles was 13.1….it was a virtual half for Runners Unite for Boston.  Aside from the cold, pouring rain, I felt really great.  The highway was quite hilly in some spots and like my hubby said, some of the hills seemed long, which they were.  

Comparing my training now to the last time I ran the Minneapolis Marathon in 2011, I have had more runs outside this time than last.  In 2011, we had snow for a lot longer than we do now.  In 2011, I wasn’t able to get outside to run safely until nearly May, and had only ONE long run outside.   This year, I have had several long runs outside.

Here is what’s on deck for Week 13 of Marathon Training:  Monday-cross training; Tuesday-8 miles; Wednesday- 4 miles; Thursday- 7 miles; Friday-REST; Saturday-20 miles; Sunday- 3 to 4 miles.

I hope you all have a GREAT week!   

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Odd title?  Maybe.  But those are important numbers to me.  

It’s my bib number for the Minneapolis Marathon on June 1, 2014.  

I am starting week 12 of training and I have a lot of thoughts racing through my head.  Reflecting back on the past 11 weeks, I am not that happy with my training.  I haven’t been keeping my weekly mileage up where it really should be.  I’ve been close enough I guess, but not really where I would want to be.  Which then begs the question, why isn’t my weekly mileage where it should be at this point?  

It’s my own fault.  It’s been tough for me to get the miles in, for one reason and another, and another, and another.  There are days where it’s very difficult for me to get in all the mileage between family, teaching, coaching.  Sound like excuses?  To some it sure does and sometimes it does to me as well.  I’m not making excuses, it’s the reality of my life.

Then I ask myself, ‘Why did I sign up for a June marathon knowing full well what my spring schedule is like?  I’ve done this before and had the same issues!’  Well, the answer to that is I wanted to run another marathon, and June 1st is the only one right now that fits into my schedule.  

It’s very tough right now, especially mentally, and that is having an effect on my running.  I’m not running very well.  Outside stress is taking a toll on my running.  All those posters on Facebook about running being a stress relief, I have to go run off my day, running is cheaper than therapy, etc., (you know the ones) are not ringing true for me right now.  Running isn’t relieving my stress.  Running isn’t taking my mind off of things.  Running isn’t therapy right now.  Running right now doesn’t feel good.  

Which leads me to my next point, will I be ready for June 1st?  Mentally, physically?  If I am not at the weekly mileage, if my running isn’t going very well and hasn’t been, then am I going to be ready??

I don’t know if I’ll be ready.  All I can do at this point is to keep working….keep trying to maintain focus on what’s right ahead of me.  I have to really try to allow running to help me let go of the outside stress and maybe that will help the actual running part. 

Until I check in again, I hope you all have a great week.


Short and Sweet…Well Not So Sweet

I’m going to keep this just as the title suggests…….

Not a great week.  

Running didn’t go well.  

Supposed to get in 18 this weekend.  Didn’t happen.  I could only muster out 14.  

Hopefully next week goes better.

That’s all.

I hope you all had a better week than I did and that you have a wonderful upcoming week.  Take care.

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Weekly Wrap Up

Well, I have done one thing well….I am keeping to my goal of blogging every week. This will make three weeks in a row!

It’s been a fairly good running week. I have been quite tired all week, so some of the runs were not as good as I would have wanted. Long run today was 16. Got it done on the treadmill. I had some tummy issues and decided that it would be better to be on the treadmill if I need to go home rather than far away from home. It was quite boring, but I had my music and also a couple good movies on TV. At least the miles are done!

This upcoming week looks to be extremely busy for me. It’s going to be very challenging to get my miles in along with the other busy stuff with school and coaching. Hopefully we’ll start playing our softball games so we have less to get rescheduled later. But playing games means later nights and later nights mean it is even more difficult for Runnergall22 to get up early to run. However, it’s got to get done, so I’ll do my best.

That’s what is in store for week 11 marathon training. Hope you all have a great week!

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