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Let It Go

on March 30, 2014

No….not the song from FROZEN.  I need to let go of my mistake this week.

Good thing I’m not a math teacher.  I accidentally miscalculated my total mileage for this week.  I was supposed to have anywhere between 37 and 40 miles for the week.  I added wrong last Sunday, and had my numbers at 34-35.  I had to do some juggling of my workouts, so my mileage ended up not even close to either set of numbers.  AUGH.

Good news is that I got my long run of 11 miles in yesterday.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day and I went out on a local highway.  Only one scary farm dog chased me and growled at me.  One of my friends who owns his own plane flew over me twice and even did a little “twist” of the plane as his way of waving!   The 11 miles went great and my pace was 10:43 which I am very happy about.

I was going to do another 11 today to try to get my mileage up where it should be when I realized I had added incorrectly.  However, I had an uneasy feeling about that.  I did a little research and found some articles about missing runs, missed mileage and the overwhelming advice it to…LET IT GO.  Don’t add extra workouts or mileage.  LET IT GO and move on in training.  So that’s what I’m doing.

I got two miles in today and will start fresh tomorrow!! 

Here’s how this next week looks for me.  Week 10 Marathon Training Plan:

Monday: cross train; Tuesday: 8 miles; Wednesday: 5 miles; Thursday: 8 miles; Friday: REST DAY; Saturday: 2-3 miles; Sunday: 16 miles.  

All in all I am okay with my week.  Even though I added wrong and didn’t get in all of my weekly mileage, I felt that my runs went well and I did get in my cross training and stretching.  One highlight of my long run was that at one point, I was going along and realized that I had gone up a long incline and I didn’t even realize it.  I was so into the sunshine, enjoying being outside, and looking around that I forgot where I was and realized the I had completed the incline/hill and it wasn’t as difficult as it has been in the past.  That felt incredible!  

Non running related, my husband and I are thrilled beyond words that our son has chosen a college!  He will be playing basketball at Hamline University in St. Paul, MN!  He has worked so hard to be able to play basketball in college and we couldn’t be happier for him and so proud of his efforts.  We will miss him once he’s gone off to college, but I am trying not to think of the lonesomeness I’ll feel and to focus on what an exciting time it is for him!


Have a GREAT week my friends!  



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