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on March 6, 2014

Hello everybody! I can’t believe it’s March already and I haven’t written since December! We are into the new year and it seems like it’s going fast already. Let’s catch up a little.

Two main things going on in my personal life: my parents and my son. My parents are aging and having some difficulties. I’m not going to go into detail, but there are times where it’s hard and my heart is heavy and aches. Enough said.

My son is a senior in high school and my husband and I are experiencing the “lasts” of his high school career. It’s absolutely unreal to look back and realize how quickly the time has gone. I know it’s sounds cliché, but it truly seems like yesterday he was little. I miss having that little boy crawl up in my lap in his foot pajamas and blanket to snuggle, read a book, and fall asleep. While I am so proud of him, the young man he is and will continue to become, and am excited for him and his future, again my heart is heavy and aches.

Running life: I have decided to run another marathon! I chose the Minneapolis Marathon again, same marathon I ran in 2011, for a couple of reasons. Number 1 reason was because it fit into my busy schedule. It’s only a couple hours away, it’s on a Sunday, and it doesn’t conflict with anything else that our family is doing at that time. Number 2 is that the course is different than the first time I ran it and I like that.

Back in 2011, as soon as I ran it, I couldn’t wait to run another one. If you followed my blog that long ago, you might remember that I was going to run the Twin Cities Marathon that fall….that I wanted to run two that year. Well, you might also remember that I hurt my hip and was not able to complete that goal. Three years later, I am glad that I took all that time to cut my running in half (yes, I listened to my doctor and followed his directions) and as of right now, my hip is doing beautifully. (Knock on wood) 🙂

If my hip continues to feel this good and it goes well for the Minneapolis Marathon, I would like to finally complete my goal of running those two races in the same year. But I’m not making any plans for that yet…I want to take the time and see how it all goes before I decide for sure.

As far as training is going, it’s okay. Our weather in Minnesota has been less than appealing for outside running and when it has been actually nice out, I have not been able to get outside. Lots of days I am at school for 12-14 hours. After my teaching day, I teach piano and instrumental lessons and/or watching our son at his various activities. So it’s basically been treadmill.

I know I promise this a lot, but I really will try to be better about blogging, especially now that I am back in training. I hope all you faithful followers are doing well and your lives are rich and fulfilling! Until next time, keep plugging away and I will as well!



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