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on June 24, 2013

I am still here!  I haven’t blogged in a while, but yes, Runnergal22 is still around!  I promised that I would blog about my two May Virtual Half Marathons, so here we go.

I had to get in two virtual halfs in May go get “caught up” from missing one in April.  There were TWO GREAT virtuals.  The first one that I ran was hosted by Kimberly at Barking Mad About Running.  I did a virtual hosted by Kimberly in February as well.  She is running 13 Half Marathons in 2013 just like me.  The May virtual was called “No Day But Today”.  Her daughter formed a Relay For Life team to honor a music teacher in their school who is a 15 year Lymphoma survivor.  This really hit home to me as I am a music teacher and my dad is a 3 year Lymphoma survivor.  So of course I was in for this virtual race!  It went well and the medal is just fantastic!



The second May virtual half was hosted by Darlena at Run Find Your Happy Pace.  It was the “Sparkle Cupcake” race.  I love Darlena’s medals and bands!  Her virtuals also benefit cancer and of course I’m in for her virtuals as well. 



This past weekend, there was a first annual Irish Fest!  My son and I went for the weekend….hubby had to work…and we had a great time.  To kick off the weekend, there was a 5K.  My son walked with my sister and some cousins.  I ran with my cousins.  I had to dress up for the Irish theme.  It was hot and humid, breathing was very difficult for me for the first mile, but then the rest of the run went great!  Here is my son and me before the race.


Suddenly the end of June is creeping up!  I have a virtual half to get done this month and not sure what’s going on in July yet.  I have been gone from home quite a bit traveling, so not been very good at planning.   However, I am putting one foot in front of the other and taking it day by day.  I’ll be home now for a while so I can get back to planning out what’s next for me!


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