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on June 5, 2013

Happy June!  For those of us in southeast Minnesota, it is CRAPPY already.  Not a lot of sun and a lot of rain.  In fact, today, June 5th, I am in sweats with the fireplace on.  Really?

As many of you know, I’ve been training for a June 1st race with my friend Trish.  I did not get to run that race.  My son’s baseball team advanced to the next round of tournaments that previous week and that next game was the day of the race.  Had to be there for my son.  They ended up losing the first game, but I am glad I was able to see it.  Trish did a great job on the race…I’m so proud of her!  I wish I could have been there too, but can’t be in two places at once…especially when they are two different states!

5 By The 5th Series:  I signed up for this series in January which was hosted by Mommy, Run Fast.  You were to run either a 5K or 5 miles by the 5th of each month, January through June.  The last run was today!  You didn’t have to specify in any way which distance you planned to run.  You just ran either and put in your time on her spreadsheet.  It was a GREAT series and I’m so glad I did it!  I did a mixture of 5Ks and 5 milers. 


I have a few virtual half marathons coming up and of course I’ll keep you all posted on those as I’m SURE you all will be on pins and needles wondering how they went!  😉

Funny story to end today’s blog.  After my son’s baseball game on June 1st, my hubby and I, along with another couple whose son was also on the team, went to an Applebees near the baseball field.  We each ordered a beer and were deciding on an appetizer to share.  The waitress came over to check on us and my husband said, “This is a marathon, not a sprint.”  We say that a lot meaning that we are going to take our time, not rush our order, not chug our beers etc….you get the picture.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Hubby:  This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Waitress: (eyes huge, shocked voice) You’re running a marathon today????

Hubby: No (a little shocked she said that) But my wife is a marathoner.

Waitress:  Are you running the marathon tomorrow???? (still shocked we are drinking a beer and maybe running a marathon…not getting the point of the phrase)

Hubby: No…(explains the meaning of the phrase)

Waitress: OH!  I see!  My brother is running a marathon! 

Hubby:  That’s great!  Which one?

Waitress:  My older brother.


Waitress:  He recently quit smoking and is working on getting healthier.

All of us:  That’s great!  Good for him!

Waitress:  Yeah…he’s up to 4 miles now and I told him, ‘You are soooo close to your marathon!’


All of us:  (just smiled and simultaneously took drinks of our beers)

Moral of the story:  not everybody fully understands what we runners do!  🙂

Happy National Running Day!



2 responses to “Summer??

  1. ryersons says:

    I’m laughing – great story! I just want to tell you again, Jess, how much I enjoy your blog even though I don’t respond very often. Thanks for sharing your journey! As of 4:30 today, I have yet to run but am determined to get out there at some point today even though it’s cruddy weather.

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