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Plugging Away

on May 18, 2013

It seems as though I start a lot of my blog entries with this:  It’s been a while since I’ve written.  And yet again, that rings true. 

It’s been terribly busy for my family lately.   My choices have been mostly family commitments, work stuff, and other committees that we’ve been involved with.  Running and working out have been in there, but not at the level of intensity that I would like due to those priorities that needed to come first. 

If you read my December 6, 2012 entry, you would know that I decided to join many people in the 13 races in 2013 challenge.   These races can be of any variety and can be official or virtual, but I personally chose  (actually made this decision last November) to do 13 half marathons in 2013.  What I am finding is that I have not many weekends to travel to official races.  We have had basketball camps for our son, work related activities on many Saturdays that don’t involve traveling for basketball, and then on Sundays it’s our family day.  When we finally get a day to get together without an outside commitment, it is way more important to me to spend the time at home with my family than traveling to a race. 

Having said all that, I am still trying to get in my half marathons, but I have to rely mostly on the virtual runs.  I have done both official and virtual and for ME, the virtual runs are much more difficult.  Why?  Because it is very easy to procrastinate, it’s much easier to say forget it.  When you go to an official race destination, you pretty much HAVE to run the race.  There is excitement….there are many other runners there, etc.  The motivation is different.  For me, the virtual runs happen on one of those rare Sundays in which we are all home and don’t have any of those other commitments.  Yes, the time is there to complete the half, but most of the time, I am very worn out from a busy week of 12-14+ hour days and then a full Saturday of either work or basketball.  Many of those Sundays I want to REST and just be with my husband and son (and of course Max our yellow lab). 

So what do I do?  Well…usually at some point, my husband and son usually take a nap, and I head out for a couple of hours or so and get it done.   That way, I get it done and I don’t miss the time with them.  Often times I would rather take a nap too and catch up, but I don’t….or I try to do both.  It’s been very difficult to get these in, but I’m going to keep plugging away at it.   If you haven’t guessed it by now, family time is extremely important to me and even though I love running, I chose family time over running time. 

Here’s what things have looked like and what the next month or so looks like and this list is ONLY the half marathons.  This does not include the other virtual races I have completed:

January:  Completed Mom’s Run This Town Winter Wonderland Virtual Half

February:  Completed Barking Mad About Running Virtual Half for Breast Cancer

March: Completed Get Lucky Half in St. Paul, Minnesota

April:  could not fit in even a virtual half 😦

May:  Registered for Sparkle Virtual Cupcake Half and already completed another virtual half last weekend.  I will blog on both of these races later this month.

 June:  Dam to Dam in Des Moines, Iowa, plus a second to be determined.

The rest of the year to come at a later date. 

On another note, those of you who know me personally know that I’ve been really struggling this week with Facebook.  There was a hurtful post that was in a roundabout way directed my way and usually I have much thicker skin than this.  It is difficult on Facebook to take the good with the bad sometimes.  My very first reaction to this was to totally delete my personal Facebook page.  Once I stated that, I had SO MANY comments, text, private messages from friends and family.  Messages of support, messages telling me about features to block those people, messages about how many people would miss me.  It was so heartwarming and actually very emotional for me. 

I never meant to cause any extra drama with my post about leaving Facebook.  After reading all those supportive messages, I began to re-think leaving Facebook.  Yes, I would for sure miss so many people.  Facebook is a great place to reconnect with past friends, to meet new friends, to stay connected with family.  I would miss that so much.  It’s also a great place to find out about events, community happenings etc.  I would miss that as well.  It’s also a great place to get hurt as some people air out about anything and everything.  Anybody remember the TV show ‘The Facts of Life’?  It’s like the show’s theme song….”You take the good, you take the bad, you take ‘em both and there you have The Facts of Life”.  Hmmmmmm……………

Yes….I need to take ‘em both.  One of the many wonderful texts I received from a friend said this….”Just remember they do not define you.  YOU define you.”  And it’s so true and I let myself get away from that.   You know who you are that sent that to me, THANK YOU.

I have decided to stay on Facebook and just keep my chin up (thanks Trish).  Again, thank you to those of you who sent me love and support.  I apologize if this all seemed like the drama I was talking about, but it was certainly not intended to be that. 

For those of you who sent me messages about running and working out, my Runnergal22 Facebook page is still going!   Please share it with anybody who wants to read about a 40 slow runner who just loves to get out and get going!  J

Until next time, I wish you all the best!




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