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Time, Motivation, Choices, and New Beginnings

on April 7, 2013

Ahhhhhh….what a week. Lots going on this time of year. Time during my day? Forget about it.

But big deal right? Millions of people work and work hard. Millions of people have a more than full time job and then another job on top of that. Millions of people are busy at work.

So during all the crazy schedules, stress, life, work, family, etc., how many of us lose our motivation to work out? Eat right?

It’s time for me to take a look at my time. Huh? I have lots of goals and not a lot of time. What I would love to be able to do is wake up, lazily have my coffee and breakfast, then workout whether that’s a run or some other kind of workout, then come home and do things around my home. But that’s not my life. In reality, I have a full time teaching job which is crazy busy during the spring, I coach softball after school, then some nights after practice I teach piano lessons. Workout? Before school? After practice and piano lessons? Can you say tired?

Given all that, in 2011, I trained for a full marathon during this busy time, during a very harsh Minnesota winter and did all the training on a TREADMILL. Yuck. However, I committed to the training and completed the marathon.

Is training, working out, having a busy life, and work schedule possible? Absolutely. I am proof that it can be done. I had just as busy a spring in 2011 and I do now. I had 12-16 hour days then and I have those now. Add in family time because above all, FAMILY TIME is the most important. And I still got marathon training done.

It should be a no-brainer. But I will admit….sometimes I could care less about running and working out. Sometimes I am physical and mentally tired and the LAST thing I want to do is run. Who is nodding their head in agreement or saying ‘Me too’ after reading that?

Here is what it all comes down to…..CHOICES. We all have choices in our lives. We can complain about the results of our choices or lack of good choices, or we can change our choices.

Every single day faces us with choices. We can choose to be happy, choose to be productive, choose to be positive….or we can choose the opposite. We all will have those days where we don’t want to run, we don’t want to go to work, we feel overwhelmed, we feel tired, we feel unmotivated. That is a fact. However we can choose how we deal with those days.

Beginning the new week, I have a new training plan. It’s different than I’m used to and it’s a difficult plan, but I believe it will be a good one and I’m excited to try it….thanks Trish!

A new plan, new choices, and new beginnings.



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