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Whine or Wine?

on December 26, 2012

What a tough run today.   *Whine*

My husband and I went out for a run.  We have this route that is about 3 miles.  It was cold.  *Whine*

Early on in the run, I started wheezing.  I had a hard time breathing in general, but mostly getting a deep breath.   *Whine*

Soon, nothing really felt right.  It felt as though I was just plodding along and not really running.  *Whine*

My husband kept a quick pace though and even though things didn’t feel right for me, I was keeping up…surprisingly.  *Not-so-much-whine*

I was upset because as much as I was wheezing, I didn’t know if I could get through the 3 miles.  Really?  It’s only THREE MILES!  *Whine*

And then I remembered….we have some great wine at home.  *Hmmm….wine….*

And I told myself to keep pushing forward and that when I got home, I could reward myself with a glass or two.  *Hmmmm….wine….*

run for wine sign

We got through the run and actually, our pace was really great.  *Not-so-much-whine*

Got home and was actually glad we went (I always love running with my hubby).  But started coughing quite a bit.  *Whine*

Then cooled down with all my stretches, abs, pushups, etc and just felt tired.  *Whine*

And now……….  *WINE*wine for blog


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