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Snow Day/Blizzard Issues/Long Run

on December 21, 2012

Well this was interesting.  We had a snow day today.  I am a teacher and we didn’t have school.  Our forecast was for 10-12 inches of snow first, then once it quit snowing, the wind was supposed to pick up to 40-50 mph and we were put in a blizzard warning.  We are actually still in the blizzard warning.  School is 2 hours late for tomorrow….as of right now.

My hairdresser called and she had cancellations and wondered if I could come in today for my appointment.  Great!  Love to!  So got that done.

I decided that I am in MUCH NEED OF A LONG RUN so I headed to the workout place that I belong to to get on the treadmill.  At this point in the day, it had stopped snowing and the winds were here.  My goal was to pound out 10 miles on the old treadmill.  What’s on TV on a Thursday afternoon?  I had no idea but I was hoping something worth watching.

I got the 10 miles done….had a nice slow pace and it felt just awesome.  Yay me!  I feel really good about the run, however the treadmill is really boring for that long.funny treadmill pic

I stretched when I was done and all that and it was time to go.  The wind had really picked up and the snow was blowing all around.  I started to go and there was a small drift which I had no problem getting through.  But the next drift looked way to big for my car and I knew I wouldnt’ get through it.  So I decided to back up and go that way since I had been through that smaller one.  Not so much.  I got stuck in that one.  I tried and tried to turn my tires, go forward, go in reverse.  No luck.  I knew there was a shovel inside the door, so I got out and ran back to the building.  WOW, WOW, WOW.  The wind was so bad I could hardly run back to the building which wasn’t far.  It was absolutely unreal.  I got the shovel and started trying to shovel out the tire that was stuck.  But again, I could hardly stay upright!  I can’t find the words to describe how hard the wind was blowing and how COLD it was.  I was literally gasping for air.

I had called my husband and he and my son got there while I was trying to shovel out the tire.  My husband took over for me and quickly realized that I had been shoveling out the wrong tire.  NICE.  All that strenous effort for nothing!

Long story short, some people with a truck and chains saw us (people we knew who were driving by) and they helped pull the car out.

I am very happy with my treadmill 10 miles, not happy I got stuck (but it was my own fault for trying to take on that drift and actually, the wind is blowing so much I don’t know HOW the snow plows are keeping up), and now I’m in dry clothes, by the fire and soon having a glass of wine!



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