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Heartbreaking Tragedy

on December 15, 2012

It’s such a day of sadness.  The nation and the world are in shock over the horrific tragedy in Connecticut.  As a parent, I cannot imagine the horror, pain, and total devastation to lose a child…to be running to the school not knowing if your child survived.  I am also a teacher.   I cannot imagine the terror and fear the staff must have felt knowing there was a gunman in their school and wanting to protect each and every student.

I left school Friday and as soon as I got in my car to go home, I burst into tears.  I cried all the way home, which is about a 10 minute drive.  I saw that my son’s car was in the driveway and I ran into the house.  My husband and son looked at me (it was obvious I had been crying) and asked what was wrong.  All I said was,  “I need to hug my son.”  And he just held onto me.  My son is 16 and 6’3 and he just held his mother while she cried.  Then my husband joined in and we just hugged as a family.  It was a few minutes before we let go of each other.  My son had a basketball game later Friday night and he gave me several hugs after the game……even in front of everybody including his buddies.  He just knew.

I don’t understand how that gunman could shoot those precious little children.  There were just babies.  Sweet and innocent, full of wonder and excitement for school and all the things they were learning.  Most likely so excited for Christmas and Santa Claus.

And we cannot forget the adults who tried to protect the children.  The ultimate sacrifice given to save lives of other children that were in harm’s way.

I went out for a run this afternoon and I thought of all of the victims and their families.  I cried again while I was running as my heart is just so heavy.  So many of us feel so helpless.  All we can do is pray for strength for these families.  I pray for the surviving children and staff as they return to school.  It’s going to be a long, difficult, and painful road ahead.

May God hold them in the palm of His loving hand.

Dear God


One response to “Heartbreaking Tragedy

  1. My sentiments exactly. Thanks for sharing.

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