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Ups and Downs

on December 6, 2012

And here I am.  Life has been up and down lately….let’s get started and I’ll start with the downs.

Down #1:  My friend who had the stroke.  Well….he made it through the first night.  The next morning was really rough, and then he started to improve.  So after that, they decided to move him out of ICU and into a room to begin rehab.  However, he suffered another stroke and went back to ICU on Saturday.  As of yesterday, there was still no improvement and he is still in ICU.  Continued prayers are much appreciated.

Down #2:  I have been under a great deal of stress lately and not working out.  There is an end to the stress shortly, so that’s actually an up.  The stress and lack of working out has left me feeling tired, sluggish, irritable…you name it.  My eating hasn’t been up to snuff either.  It’s just been sort of a snowball effect.  But, as I said, the stress I’m feeling now will be over soon and I can relax.

Up #1:  My son.  A couple of things here.  He was honored today with a great award for his high school!  It’s called an EXCEL award and it acknowledges academics, volunteerism, leadership and participation in activities.  And now he is put into sort of a competition for the state EXCEL award, so this has been the first step.  The next thing with my son is that his basketball season started last night.  Even though their team lost, they back from a 21 point deficit to go ahead.  Then the game was tied and went to overtime.  I was very proud of the team’s effort as they sure played with their hearts.  One of the other ups to that was that my parents surprised us and came to the game!  It was so fun to sit with them as they watched their grandson.  Lots of laughs together was sure what my heart needed.

Up #2:  Even thought I haven’t been working out lately, I am starting a new adventure as far as working out goes.  I am going to wait to write about the details, so please don’t ask me!  I want to get started  and see how it goes.  I will write about it, but I will be a little vague for a while.   However, I am excited about it and I’m hoping it gives me a boost.

Up #3:  25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family.  What else needs to be said?!

I will try harder to keep blogging more regularly.  I really appreciate all of you who write to me wondering when I’m going to write!  I’m so glad that some of you are taking some good out of my blogs and that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing.

So until next time, I wish you all well!



3 responses to “Ups and Downs

  1. Welcome back! :). I have also been taking some time off from my blog, but it does feel good to be back!

  2. sorry about your friend. Congrats to you son. 🙂
    PS I love 25 days of christmas too 😉

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