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13 in 2013

on December 6, 2012

Well….I decided to share my challenge because I shared on Twitter.

One of my fellow Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors is hosting a challenge to run 13 half marathons in 2013.  She actually is allowing participants to choose a variety of distances so you have 13 races in 2013.

I have most of my planning done as to when and which races I do.  I have it planned carefully to allow for proper rest time.  I am one of those runners that firmly believes in a day of rest…and I mean total rest.  Not even cross training.

I am very excited about this, but also a little nervous.  I hope that my planning and my work/family schedule all comes together so I can do this.  Planning now, as I did, should allow for it to be completed!

As for my blog, prepare to read about how this is going.  I am going to complain, be happy, vent…get it all down so I can document this journey.  So just a warning….if you don’t want to read about A LOT OF RUNNING AND TRAINING, then you don’t have to follow along!  It’s okay!  But I am going to write a lot about my feelings, my workouts, and my runs.

Thank you JILL CONYERS for this challenge and I’m excited to have you follow along if you choose!


13.1 miles of heart



2 responses to “13 in 2013

  1. Linda Dwyer says:

    So are you doing 13 half’s in ’13:)? I’m planning on celebrating my 50th with 4 half’s in 6 weeks..that will make 13 total for me. Jillian turns 13 in ’13, so maybe she’ll do another one with me too:)

  2. This is so exciting! And tempting…good for you!

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