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The Message From 12:41am

on November 30, 2012

It was 12:41am this morning when my phone went off.   I have different alert sounds and I knew by the sound it was a text message.  I could imagine who would be texting me at 12:41am.  I looked at the name and was very puzzled as to why she would be texing me at that hour.  And then I opened the message.

It said that her husband was in ICU with a stroke.  It said to please text or email her.  I sat straight up in bed, my heart racing.  I immediately text back with questions and shock.  She responded that the bleeder has paralyzed his right arm and to pray he even makes it through the night.

We met them in 2001.  He is a jazz musician and she is a chef.  We immedately clicked as friends.  They live far away and so we haven’t seen each other since 2001, but we still keep in touch via email, phone calls, and texts.  The four of us have reconnected more in this last year than any other year.   In fact, one of her last texts before this happened was that we needed to come up with a plan for them to come here, play some jazz, and she would cook for us.

And then….this text.  I woke up this morning to get ready for work thinking that actually it had been a dream.  You know those dreams in which you wake up the next day and it was so real that you have a had time with whether it was a dream or not?  Well, it seemed real, but yet there was a part of me that thought maybe it was just a bad dream.  So I checked my phone.  And there is was…the message from 12:41am.

He did make it through the night.   From the last update, he has eaten, gone back to sleep, could move his arm, but not his fingers.  I don’t really know about the status of the bleeder or anything else.   His birthday was Tuesday.  He is 48.

I have questions….what triggered this?  What is he going to do if he can’t ever move his fingers again?  He is a musician…it’s his life…it’s what he’s done since he was a young boy.

I’m scared for my friends.  I am scared for their future.  However, I am so thankful he is alive, that he is eating, and that he can move his arm.  I am guessing that for a long time, successes might come in small incriments.  But as long as there are successes and improvements, then it’s in the right direction.  I pray it doesn’t go the other way.

I am no expert in anything and I don’t pretend to be, but I can say this with certainty….I had a different perspective today.  We all lose sight of priorities and perspecitves and I am guilty of that.  It’s sad, actually, that it takes something like this to happen to somebody we know to shake us back into place.  And how long does that last?  Life goes back to “normal” for the rest of us and we worry about the usual things.  But today, my heart was in a different place and I know it will be for a long time.   Life can change in the blink of an eye.  Are the things/people we worry about  really, really worth it?  No. But we all do it.

The message from 12:41am was scary.  The message from 12:41am was shocking.  The message from 12:41am was sad.   The message from 12:41am is reminding me once again of what is truly important in life.

Please…pray for my friends.




7 responses to “The Message From 12:41am

  1. Prayers for your friends! What a terrible thing to be going through.

  2. XLMIC says:

    Praying for your friends. It is definitely a perspective changer when things like this happen. Take care of how you are doing, too 🙂

  3. fun2race says:

    I will definitely be praying for you and your friends today! Reading your post I was so glad to hear he made it through the night alive!

  4. Maureen says:

    How is he doing? Sounds sort of like Keans….deal. My prayers have been with him and his wife.

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