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on November 4, 2012

Well…I’m not a LIAR…but I did change my mind. 

I’m running a half marathon. 

But this time, it’s a virtual half to help raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  You can run a 5K, half, or full marathon.  Donations go to the Red Cross.

I’m planning on running it next Saturday, November 10th.  So that will be a half on September 1st, October 27th, and November 10th.

I understand the “runner’s etiquette” in terms of a virtual race not counting as an official race.  I’m not trying to count it as one of my “official” races and be one of those people who doesn’t get that unspoken rule.  I just believe it’s a great cause.  And if I can finish it, which I know I will, I am proud of the fact that I will have run the half distance in 3 consecutive months.  That’s is just a neat personal thing.

If you are interested in joining this cause, it starts tomorrow, November 4 and ends on Novemer 11.  Go to this website for more information and to join!



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