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Monster Dash Half Race Recap

on October 28, 2012

Test, test, test!  I know I already posted this to my Runnergal22 Facebook page, so I’ll keep this brief.

I’ve been having so many problems with my wordpress site.  So we’ll see if this will work!

Monster Dash Half was awesome.  Our pace was faster than either Ashleigh or I thought we would go.  It felt great!

Both hips started hurting and finally, I had to stop and stretch.  I stretched three times total, which slowed down our pace.  But that’s okay.  I still finished two minutes faster than my half in September, so I am thrilled!

Ashleigh and I dressed as 80s girls.  I accidently bought the way wrong size sweatshirt AND I cut it wrong.  A friend from work tried to sew it so that it would stay on my shoulders, but between the wrong size and bad cut, it wasn’t comfortable.  I ended up throwing it away at the first water station.  But….had to get a picture of the 80s girls!

Once again, Team Ortho did a fantastic job with the entire event.!

I am very happy with how I did at the race, especially since I did not get in the workouts and mileage I wanted to prior to the race.  Having bronchitis and other stresses that have been going on, I did not prepare like usual.  So to finish better than my September half and still feel this good…well I feel like that’s a huge personal victory.

Have a great week everybody!


12 responses to “Monster Dash Half Race Recap

  1. Congrats on the finish! My daughter had a themed cheerleading competition last weekend and the number of people with 80s outfits on was hilarious. The oversized off the shoulder sweatshirt was the clothing of choice. It was great!

    [Fitness, Health and Happiness]

  2. Glenneth says:

    congrats! love the outfits!

  3. fun2race says:

    Nice job! And looks like your site is working 🙂

  4. runwkate says:

    Love the outfit! Congrats in some difficult circumstances.

    • runnergal22 says:

      Thank you! It was a tough month, but I got through it. It sure did make me appreciate being healthy…even though bronchitis is not anything like other illnesses, I sure did feel rotten.

  5. Cute little blog theme! Nice and halloweenie festive! 🙂 Love the costumes, too!!

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