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Monster Dash Half Race Recap

Test, test, test!  I know I already posted this to my Runnergal22 Facebook page, so I’ll keep this brief.

I’ve been having so many problems with my wordpress site.  So we’ll see if this will work!

Monster Dash Half was awesome.  Our pace was faster than either Ashleigh or I thought we would go.  It felt great!

Both hips started hurting and finally, I had to stop and stretch.  I stretched three times total, which slowed down our pace.  But that’s okay.  I still finished two minutes faster than my half in September, so I am thrilled!

Ashleigh and I dressed as 80s girls.  I accidently bought the way wrong size sweatshirt AND I cut it wrong.  A friend from work tried to sew it so that it would stay on my shoulders, but between the wrong size and bad cut, it wasn’t comfortable.  I ended up throwing it away at the first water station.  But….had to get a picture of the 80s girls!

Once again, Team Ortho did a fantastic job with the entire event.!

I am very happy with how I did at the race, especially since I did not get in the workouts and mileage I wanted to prior to the race.  Having bronchitis and other stresses that have been going on, I did not prepare like usual.  So to finish better than my September half and still feel this good…well I feel like that’s a huge personal victory.

Have a great week everybody!


Just Run

Well!  It’s been a while since my last blog entry.    A lot has been going on so I best get at it!

First, I was sick.  It started out as a runny nose and lots of sneezing.  Then it turned into a sore throat and earaches.  Next came the cough.  People at work kept saying that the doctors’ offices weren’t giving out meds as they said there was a nasty virus going around.  So I didn’t go in and didn’t go in.  Finally, I knew that I wasn’t getting better, so I went in…bronchitis.  Augh.  But I did get some antibiotics and I feel MUCH better.  I feel like a person again!

Lots going on with regard to my work.  I am a music teacher and we had a great group of musicians come to our school for two days to work with our students.  They also gave a community performance on the evening of the second day.  They were AMAZING.  They worked so well with all levels of our students and were truly phenomenal players.  They are the Copper Street Brass Quintet out of Minneapolis, MN.  PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT.  You won’t be disappointed.

Also work related, our band and choir are doing a Haunted House this year as a fundraiser for a trip in 2014.  We have been working hard to get that ready for the Halloween season…actually opening night is TOMORROW!  It’s been fun, but again, a lot of work.

Running?  Well…I actually did a little when I was sick…before I found out I had bronchitis.  It’s odd, I really didn’t cough all that much when I ran when I was sick, which I thought I would pretty much cough up a lung.  Once the antibiotics kicked in and I felt like a person again, I got right back at it.  I had registered for the Cupcake Classic Virtual 5K via Run With Jess.  I knew that I had to get that run in, so after school on Tuesday I decided to get it done.  I only had a certain amount of time to run as I had a piano lesson after school, had to run, shower and get ready for the Copper Street Brass concert.

So I went out and told myself that I wasn’t going to look at my running watch until I was done.  The reason for that is because I really wanted to just enjoy the nice fall day, the leaves, the sunshine and not be so caught up in my watch/numbers.  Everything felt just amazing when I started out.  I couldn’t believe what a nice day it was and I was just so thankful that I was finally feeling better.

I got to the halfway point and did the turnaround to head back home and I felt like it didn’t take me long at all to get to that point.  I dismissed the thought and just kept running.  My mind was going all over the place…thinking of lots of things.  I didn’t have any music with me this time and I loved it.  It was sure one of those runs when I forgot I was running.  Until……

Until I started thinking again about how fast I was going.  It was FOR SURE faster than I had ever run and like I said, up to that point I forgot I was even running.  I was enjoying everything else.  Then I started thinking that if I finished this strong, then I would really have a great time FOR ME.  My heart really started to race, I got butterflies in my stomach.  I forced myself to calm down and just keep steady.  There was a slight hill coming toward the end and I really dug deep to keep my pace what I had been running.  It was all I could do to NOT look at my watch to see where I was regarding my time.  My pace quickened with the excitement that I could have really done a great job…again…for ME.  I wasn’t comparing myself to anybody else, because I don’t follow anybody like that.  But I know where I’m at in 5K times and the thought that I might be improving with some of the biking and other things I’ve been doing was very exciting to me.

I got home…the virtual “finish line” and looked at my watch.  I was SHOCKED, STUNNED, EXCITED.  My virtual 5K finish time was 24:14.  I have NEVER been under 30 minutes before!  I was breathing heavily, started coughing, and jumping up and down!  I called my husband and told him and he was so happy for me, but the best thing he said was…”I’m not surprised honey.  You work hard and when a run feels that good, of course you can get that time!”

It was a great feeling.  Will that ever happen again?  I never thought it would happen at all, so I’m not going to say that I won’t get that time again.  But, I’m not going to focus on doing it again.  If it happens, then it happens. The best part of it for me was that I didn’t set out to be that fast or get that time or break 25 minutes.  I simply went out for a run.  I let my surroundings engulf me and just took everything in.  One big key, I didn’t THINK.  I just RAN.  And as it turned out, I was running a pace I never dreamed I could run and kept it up for an entire 5K.

Sometimes I get very bogged down in the whole…I have to get in “X” miles today….I have to have “X” pace for this or that….it’s over thinking so much of the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m anything special.  I don’t think I’m some big deal runner now.  I’m a 40 year old gal just getting out and doing the best I can.  All I’m saying is that it sure felt good to have this run go super great.  It reminded me of how much I love running.  It reminded me that no matter how hard it is sometimes, keep hanging in there because you never know when things are going to get easier and it will go great.  And most of all, the best part, which I know this will be my new “motto” or something I will say to myself from now on….don’t think, just run.

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My name is Jessie…and I’m a hypocrite.

My last blog I said I was going to get up early and get my run/workouts done before school because I was so busy this week after school.  I didn’t get up early once.

I did, however, get in some workouts later at night after my busier nights.

I said that there were NO EXCUSES this week.  Here’s my excuse……I’m sick.

Earlier this week, I thought MAYBE I was turning the corner.  Instead, I kept getting worse.  I didn’t even go to school this morning and went in for half a day in the afternoon.  I have been battling a cold and then it started going south and into this horrible cough.  I could hardly drag myself out of bed AT ALL let alone get up early to workout.  I had the chills…hot, cold, hot, cold.  People at school also have this stuff and said that the doctors in the area say it’s a nasty virus and were not giving any antibiotics.  GREAT.

Then my alarm went off this morning.  I could hardly breath.   My chest was heavy and I was wheezing.  When I coughed, not only did my chest HURT, but I coughed up this extremely disgusting crap that almost made me throw up.  I went back to bed.    I went back and forth on whether or not to go to the doctor.  Today was day 10 of battling this and I decided to just call and talk to the nurse and see what she said and then decide.  She said come in.

Final diagnosis….bronchitis.  I have antibiotics now.  And I had a temp when I went in.  So now I’m snuggled next to the fireplace, jammies on, cuddling with my yellow lab Max, and my wonderful hubby is getting me a treat….will be some sort of chocolate.

So…maybe I’m not so much a hypocrite.  But it sort of feels like it.   NO EXCUSES means NO EXCUSES!  I did get in a couple of workouts and one run.   I never dreamed that I would get worse.  I figured that this would just pass on its own.  It’s been a tough week, but thankfully, I’ll be on the upside now.


Catching Up

Catching up……………

What a week.  I’ve been sick….and sick today.  Sore throat, ear ache, and today stomach issues.  Ick.  I did catch up on rest though, which I could tell my body needed.

Even though I was sick, I did get in an awesome 8 mile run on Saturday.  I really didn’t want to go run, but I knew I needed to run.  I went back and forth between running outside or running on the treadmill.  I ended up opting for the treadmill because I thought if I started feeling sick or way to tired, then I could just hop off rather than being too far out and have to figure out how to get back home.  The run went great and I am so glad that I decided to go.

I had a horrible ear ache and sore throat Saturday night.  I was in bed EARLY.  Sunday morning I went to a fantastic bike ride….21 miles.  I was very tired at the end, but again, I was so glad that I went.

Today….Monday….not feeling well again so no workout.  Time to rest the body.

I am loving getting to know my fellow Girls Gone Sporty Ambassadors.  What a great bunch of gals.  They are so supportive and just plain NICE!

Up for me this week….busy, busy week.  Running and working out will have to come in the morning before school as I have something every day after school this week and no time to work out then.    So even though I’m going to be very busy….NO EXCUSES!

I hope you all have a great week!

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October Promise

If you read my last blog entry, you know that I am doing what I call “Me-tober” and it’s also for you.

So for my first day on the Me-tober, here’s how my day went……

I had pop at lunch.  😦

I made smart food choices today  🙂

When I ran, I felt absolutely great  🙂

I did not add in actual weights, but I did a strength workout 🙂

Breathe…..not so much the first half of my day, but I did breathe in the second half of my day.  🙂

I will work just has hard tomorrow.  Hopefully….NO POP AT LUNCH!!!!!!!!

I love this poster.  It’s My October Promise and I hope you can all take something out of this to add to your life!


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Happy October!!!!

First, a quick review of a product that I started using.  For my 40th birthday, my husband and son got me a new sports device from Motorola called the MOTOACTV.  It’s a fitness device that has a GPS, full color maps, MP3 player, can be used with my Iphone so I can receive text messages and calls, plugs me into challenges and competitions, tracks calories, has a heart rate monitor, and has a database of TONS of fitness activities.  The MP3 also has a memory that if I’m running and I happen to run faster to a certain song, it will take me back to that particular song if I start running slower.  It can be interchanged from a watch, to an armband, to my bike, to a shirt clip.  Very versatile!

I have had running watches before and haven’t liked them because I found myself paying way too much attention to the watch rather than just running.  So far, and I haven’t even begun to figure everything out yet, but I really like this one.  I love how I can put it on my bike and when I’m done biking, I can slide it into the wristband and go for a run.  It tracks both activities.  I can’t wait to get all my songs downloaded into the device.  I also will be trying the cordless ear buds.  No more getting my arms caught up in the chord!!!!!!

So far…thumbs up on the MOTOACTV from Motorola.  But more to come on that the more I get used to all the features.

Next up…October challenges.  Many of the blogs that I read are hosting challenges or the blogger is doing an October challenge.  One in particular I wanted to join, but I was a day late.  I didn’t actually see the challenge until the day AFTER the registration was due.  However, that isn’t stopping me from doing my own thing.  I didn’t do all that great on my SSC in August and September, so I’m going to try harder in October.  I’ve even come up with my own name for my own October challenge.  Ready for this….it’s pretty cheesy….it’s….


Uh-yeah…real creative…and all about ME…get it?? .I’m naming it that on purpose.  It’s all about YOU too.  Here’s what my thought is:  How often do we NOT think of ourselves?  How often are we putting others first and then find ourselves drained and lacking in energy, stamina, motivation?  I bet you are raising your hand at one or more of these questions knowing that you don’t always put yourself first.  I found myself last week completely drained, tired, and lacking in many areas of my life in terms of fitness and nutrition.  I realized that I hadn’t focused too much on myself.  I didn’t really pay attention to my body and what my body needed.

This was ME last week……..

So for the month of October, I am going to try to focus on ME.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be there for my husband and son, my friends, my students.  I’m not going to neglect my life in those areas or neglect those people.  What I mean is that I’m going to focus more on the ME parts of my life that I tend to push aside when I get busy or stressed.  For example, when I get stressed and busy, I tend to lose track of my calories, eat way more than I should (emotional eating) and I don’t exercise as hard as I would if I feel great.  Those “ME parts” are different for everybody.

Here is a list of the ME things I’m going to focus on for Me~tober:

~POP…yes I’m going to keep trying to cut back on pop at school.

~Weights….I need to add more weights and strength into my exercise routine.  I was doing a great job at this, but I’ve slacked off and it’s time to put that back in.

~Sleep…I have to make sure I’m getting to bed at a decent time in order to get plenty of rest.  No more staying up late watching TV or doing housework on school nights!

~CHOICES….whenever a nutrition temptation faces me, I’m going to try very hard to make the best choice for ME.  If I’m faced with cookies in the lounge and I usually have 2, I’ll try to take 1.  Then maybe the next time I will pass altogether.  Maybe not have 2 helpings at supper no matter how good it is!  Just have 1 serving and maybe that will turn into a smaller 1st serving.  Life is about choices and as far as food goes, there are many times I could be making much better choices.

~BREATHE…yes…breathe.  I don’t often slow down and take a moment to relax and just breathe.  I’m on the go a lot and there are days that I can feel tension in my shoulders and neck.  That’s when I need to stop and just focus on a few relaxation techniques.


What might be your Me~tober challenges?


If you are going to join me, best of luck to you!  I will keep plugging away and hopefully make this Me~tober great!