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Two Reviews

on September 26, 2012

Wow….I don’t think that I have written a blog entry after just a couple of days.  Maybe I’m getting better at this!  Ha!

I’m writing for two reasons.  I’m writing two reviews.

One…supper tonight.  Not really all that healthy, but oh so good.  I made a recipe that I found on Pinterest.  I actually pinned it twice and didn’t realize it!  (If you want to follow me on Pinterest, look me up at Jessica Powell)

Anyway, supper tonight was Bacon Cheeseburger Soup.  WOW and WOW and WOW.  The recipe calls for it to be made in the crock pot, but I made it in a big pot and then put it in a hot crock pot until we were ready to eat.  It was very simple, very delicious, and I’m sure very unhealthy, but for once it was worth it.  This would be a very good soup to put in the crock pot on a cold day and just forget about it until later.  It would be great for a get together…like a football party.  It’s total  COMFORT FOOD and a big hit with my family.

Two…Monster Dash.  I mentioned in my blog entry from a couple days ago that I registered for the Monster Dash Half Marathon in Minneapolis.  It’s on Saturday, October 27th.  This is another Team Ortho race and if you follow me, you know how much I love Team Ortho events.

When I registered, I noticed the “mail-your packet” option.  I have never chosen this option as I love to go to the Expos/packet pick up.  I always feel that going to the expos/packet pick up is just as exciting as the actual race.  It’s all part of the awesome experience and I want to experience every part.  But this time, on that weekend, I’m a little short on time.  I’m not sure if I can or will be able to take off any time to make it up to packet pick up in time.  So rather than wait until the last minute to decide or see about time off from work, I just decided to have my packet mailed to me.

Well…it came today.  And I couldn’t be happier for a few reasons.  It was very exciting to see the package in the mail today and know what was in there.  I eagerly opened it up and there was my awesome Monster Dash jacket, my bib, and my chip.   I love the skulls on the arm and it’s all reflective!


And it came so fast!  I only registered last week and it’s here already.  It was only $19 to have it mailed to me and for the convenience, it is so worth it.  Now I don’t have to worry about whether or not I will take time or get the time off of work to get there in time.  I have what I need for race day.

The other part that I like is it gave me an extra boost.  Since it was my 40th birthday last week, I haven’t been eating well or pushing myself too hard on exercise.  Getting my packet made me so excited about the race that it’s sort of a wake up call to get back on the ball.

If you’ve ever thought about choosing the mail option and haven’t, I would highly recommend it.  Team Ortho did a great job getting it out to me quickly and everything was in there.  It made my busy life a little easier and I very much appreciate it!

Now….the hunt for the Halloween costume continues.


2 responses to “Two Reviews

  1. Deb says:

    I pinned the soup recipe too! Glad to hear it’s worth the time and effort to make it! And good luck at the Monster Dash! Now that you can drink beer again and I will soon be done at the lake–lets plan a night to get together!

  2. I also love the Monster Dash jacket…especially that this year’s has a pocket and last year’s jacket didn’t. I picked mine up at the Women Rock expo since I registered the day after Thanksgiving last year for the awesome prices.

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