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SSC Final Report and the Next Race

on September 25, 2012

Well…here it is.  The conclusion of my SSC (Secret Self Challenge).  I know it’s a little late, but better late than never!

To recap, here were my challenges to myself.  I started August 13 and ended on Sept. 21st

  1.  *If I go over on my daily calorie intake, only go over no more than 200 calories.* I did to that for the most part.  I had some days  where I went over more than that, but I do feel good about how I did there. 
  2. *No pop during my work day at school.  Reach for water instead.*  Did not do well on this one.  I pretty much had a pop at lunch once school started on every school day. 
  3. *When I get home from school, eat healthy snacks while making supper.  No chips.  I did pretty well on this one.  I did have a couple of times when I had some chips and/or unhealthy snacks while making supper.  But for the most part, I didn’t snack at all while eating supper.
  4. *Eat more fruit.*  Not good.  I don’t really like fruit to begin with, so this was tough. 
  5. *My secret challenge*.  FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.  Well not a complete and utter fail.  I’m being a tad dramatic here.  Remember, this was the one that would be the toughest for me.  My original thought on this one was this.  From August 13th to September 21st,  my very secret challenge was going to be to try to not have any beer that entire time.  Now those of you who know me personally know that I love to have a few beers with friends.  I like the taste, I like to sit and visit with my friends and have a beer.  But I could sure do without the carbs and calories.  The biggest problem I have when I drink beer….I SNACK.  And snack.  And snack.  Especially cheese.  And crackers.  And chips.  And cheesy puffy popcorn.  And guess what that does?  Adds on even more calories.  Now here’s why  it was a complete fail.  While I did have beer during this time, the one thing that I did do better on was the snacking part.  I did not snack as much as I usually do.   And there were times that I chose something else to drink other than beer.  Sometimes I actually chose WATER!   Yes it’s true!

So….even though I wasn’t completely successful in all of my self-challenges…I still lost SIX pounds!   I felt like I did a good job in some areas, and in other areas I still need work.  I lost six pounds and still lived my life.  I still enjoyed the food and drinks that I love.  Do I still have work to do in making my nutrition better?  You bet I do.  And I will keep working on my eating habits.  I’m actually going to just keep going forward with these same challenges and hope I can do better in the next month to six weeks and see.  Life is all about choices.  Some days I feel like doing this………


Next up on my plate….half marathon on October 27th.  I know I say this a lot, but I am very excited about this one!  Aren’t you SHOCKED that I’m excited to run a race?!  It’s the Monster Dash in Minneapolis.  It’s now become the largest half marathon in the upper Midwest!  I registered to run alone, but now I am running with a friend when we realized that we were both registered and both running alone.  And now the Halloween costume search begins!  I’m so glad we both realized that we will both be there and now we can share this experience together.  My hip is still doing great (knock on wood) and so the training continues. 


Until next time, keep on plugging away on whatever it is that you find brings you peace and happiness.  Take care peeps!!!!



One response to “SSC Final Report and the Next Race

  1. Nice job on the six pound loss. Keeping a cleaner diet is one of the things I also struggle with, so I’m glad you’re not beating yourself up; it’s hard!

    Good luck with Monster Dash! I’ll be running the 10 mile.

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