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SSC Update

on August 24, 2012

First…thank you to all of you who have written about the SSC.  I hope that your personal SSC’s are going well!

So here is SSC update number one for me.

Some of my SSC’s have been great and others not so great.  First to start off with my secret.  I didn’t do well on this one, which is why it’s the most difficult for me.  However, I was only “off” on this one two times, which isn’t that bad for me.  The other SSC that I didn’t do well on was pop.  And when I say having pop, I mean at my workplace because that’s where I snack too.  If I have a pop at home or out to eat, I don’t have a problem snacking at all.  It’s at work.  Well…the first day back to work I broke down and had not one, but TWO cans of pop.  BUT…in my defense…there were snacks in the lounge and I walked right past the snacks and did not grab one.  So while I had the pop at work, I did avoid the snacks.  It was especially difficult as one of the snacks was a chocolate thing with peanut butter inside.  Wow…I can’t believe I didn’t have one…..or seven.

One highlight of my week was that even though I did have pop at work, and I did “fall down” two days on my real secret challenge, I was able to fit into a dress that I haven’t fit into in a long time.  YAY!  So I just need to keep plugging away at modifying some habits.

Onto to running and hips news.  My hip is doing better.  As some of you know, I’ve been bike riding in place of a lot of the running on my training plan.  I have fallen in love with bike riding and I can tell it’s helped me.  I have put bike riding in place of some of the runs on the plan and then stuck to the long runs.  So far, it seems to be going well.

The Women Rock MN event is quickly approaching.  I’m planning on running the half, but I’m planning on going VERY SLOWLY.  And I don’t care about that.  Right now, my pace for my hip is super slow and I am confident at that slow pace because my hip feels good and I know it will hold up at that pace.  I don’t care if I come in one minute before the time deadline.  As long as I can do it and finish I will be happy.  But here is a funny thing about my “new slow pace”.  This past weekend I had 8 miles on my schedule for the long run.  I was actually terribly nervous to get out and run.  I wanted to run outside as the race is getting closer, but the reason I was nervous is because my physical therapist told me to run on the treadmill in case my hip started hurting.  That way, I’m not miles away from home and have to figure out how to get back home.  I wanted to be outside on the long run because I really can’t to the Women Rock MN half on a treadmill!  I was so afraid that my hip would hurt, I would need to stop, and I would be too far away from home to walk back.  Yes…I can certainly call my husband and/or my son and either could pick me up as they always know where I am.  But, I was still nervous about having hip pain this close to the race.

So I went out and started at this new slow pace, knowing that if I stuck to that, my hip should be fine.  It was sore at first, but as I got going and warmed up, my hip felt fine.  I finished the 8 miles…outside…hills and all…and even finished 6 minutes FASTER than the last time I ran 8 miles in May.  HUH????  Really??? I wish I had written more notes to myself on the 8 miler in May to see if I was tired…needed walk breaks…or what the deal was.  Or…maybe the bike riding is helping more than I realize.  Or…I could have just gotten lucky.  There were times on that run that I truly forgot that I was running.  Which is ALWAYS a wonderful feeling.  Whatever the case was, I was very happy about that.

My plan after the Women Rock MN are to take a long break from running and totally focus on healing and other forms of exercise.  I think I’ll only run once a week….maybe.  **DISCLAIMER**  I do reserve the right to change my plan…depending how how my hip feels.  But for now, that’s what I would like to do.

Thus ends the first SSC update.  I wish all of you who are joining me in an SSC the best of luck with this next week.  Again, please feel free to email me with your SSC ups and downs and thank you to those of you who have emailed me!   I’m going to end with a great quote.  Whatever it is that challenges you, whatever habit you want to change or at least get better at, remember to give  yourself a break and be proud of the things you have accomplished.  It says “RUN” in the background, but the “RUN” can be whatever you want it to be.  Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


2 responses to “SSC Update

  1. Love that quote!

    I’m glad you’re not going to worry about your pace for the Women Rock. Like you, I will be doing a very slow half marathon (then again, I’m always slow). No matter the speed, those miles count!!

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Jessie says:

    Heather….If you are doing the Women Rock Half, let’s meet up that morning! Do you know which pace leader you are going to follow?

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