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A Nice Surprise

on July 29, 2012

I’m sitting here in my living room watching the Olympics and reflecting on last week and looking ahead to next.  I can’t believe how quickly summer has flown by and fairly soon, we’ll be back at school.  What have I done this summer?  Where did the time go?

Thinking back to June when I finally went to the doctor for my hip pain, I think I’ve come a long way.  Mostly mentally and in my heart, but also I know that my hip has healed somewhat.  It’s a slow process that’s for sure.  Most of my running right now is pain free, although there are times when it does still hurt and then I just walk.  And that’s okay.

One of my readers told me after that appointment with the hip doctor that maybe I would find some other form of exercise that I really enjoy….one that would surprise me.  I really didn’t believe her, but I did find out through all this that I do really enjoy bike riding.  It’s not like this is the first time EVER that I’ve gone on long bike rides, but for some reason I am liking it more than in the past and I would say that I appreciate it.  I suppose it’s a different feeling now because of my hip injury and the new perspective that I’ve found through all this. 

And I can’t really say that there is any ONE THING that I like about riding my bike…there are lots of things that I am not sure how to put into words.  Of course the nature is wonderful….the feeling of a sort of freedom…the fact that it seems as though I’m hundreds of miles away….or maybe it’s several things. 

On Saturday, I decided that my cross training was going to be a bike ride because lately I can hardly wait to get on the bike.  These are new feelings for me because I am usually feeling like that about running and nothing else.  We were going to be at some friend’s family reunion Saturday night, and I decided that I would ride from my house to their house via our local bike trail.  The mileage between my house and their house via the local bike trail….25 miles.  I was nervous and excited at the same time.

I absolutely loved it.  It was quite easy until the last 4 miles.  Actually, the last 6.5 were a steady incline.  I was tired, thirsty even though I had water with me.  Oh and I had on a backpack because I was going to shower at their house and I had my change of clothes and toiletries in my backpack…..which was heavy! 

There were times that even though I was probably not far from somebody’s house/farm that I knew, I felt like I was hundreds of miles away.  I felt lost on the trail…and not lost in the sense that I didn’t know where I was…I was lost in the nature, the beauty of the trees, the smells, the sounds.  I was hundreds of miles away from any responsibility and it felt so good.  There were places that were so beautiful that I actually uttered out loud…”My gosh that is beautiful.”   Here is one of those places.  I’m sure the picture doesn’t even get across how beautiful this part of the trail is.  The trees make almost a canopy over the trail.  The trunks of the trees were knotted and curvy…it was really breathtaking.


I did meet other bikers on the trail and I must say, hardly any of them said hello back to me.  I was shocked.  I said hello to everybody that I met.  Of the bikers that I met, 95% of them would not say hello and would not even smile either.  I have no idea if that’s the way it is with bikers, but that is what I encountered yesterday. 

When I reached my friend’s house, I was tired, sweaty, thirsty, and happy.  It was a long way to ride a bike…25 miles.  I know there are people who go a lot farther than that on a regular basis and I’m not saying I’m anything special.  But for me, it was a long way and I’m glad that I did it.  It felt great in every way.  And to my reader who told me last month that I might find something else that I enjoy….thank you and you were right.  I’m glad your voice has been in the back of my head since you wrote that and slowly opened my eyes and my heart to a new adventure. 


2 responses to “A Nice Surprise

  1. Maureen says:

    I am so glad you are finding other adventures~ Megan loves to bike she will get on her bike and be gone for hours!!She goes from our house in the west all the way to downtown and Saint Paul, then out to Fort Snelling. She has biked like 50 -75 miles a day. She loves the feeling of just going… she has taken some amazing pictures on her adventures. Keep it up!

  2. I just bought a new bike in May and now remember why I was constantly on my bike as a kid. Freedom is exactly the word I think when I’m cruising down a hill. I’ve recently fallen out of love with running and am looking forward to some gorgeous biking weather this fall. Glad you found something you enjoy as much (maybe more?) than running!

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