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Just One More….

on May 7, 2012

The words “Just One More” mean two different things to me.  First, it means I push myself one more mile when I’m running.  I maybe don’t want to keep going, but I need to keep going for whatever reason and I keep telling myself…”just one more”.  Often times, going “just one more” results in feeling better and going more that “just one more” mile.  

Secondly, it means that I or someone that we are out with say we are going to have :just one more” beer/drink.  This usually results in more that just one more and we laugh about it every time!

This weekend I experienced both of these.  First was the just one more drink.  We were out after our jazz concert on Saturday night.  We had lots of “just one more” comments and drinks.  It was a blast!  “Just one more drink” resulted in my father in law putting on a sombrero!Image  The second “just one more” was on Sunday’s run.  I drove out to the trail and started out one way for a run.  It was going great.  The nature was so pretty.  I did a little bit of everything on this run; slow run, medium speed run, walk, sprints.  Once I got about two miles one way, I turned around and went back the other way, which was more uphill.  Nearly every everywhere I looked I saw these signs….YUCK!Image

I got to the top of one of the steep hills and looked around.  The landscape of the trees and the farmland was just beautiful.Image

I wanted to find my favorite spot that I found last year.  I knew it was around somewhere and I knew I would have to run “just one more” mile in order to find it.  (As it turned out, I ran about two more miles before I found it).  So I continued on, which was pretty much all uphill.  I actually passed my spot and had to turn around and head back to see it.   There is sort of a rock wall and it so beautiful because there is a contrast between the rocks and the trees. I didn’t recognize it at first because the trees are much fuller with leaves than the last time I was out there and the rock wall is covered up.   But this is the type of rock that is really visible and beautiful when the trees don’t have leaves.Image

It was a weekend of greats; great family time, great music, great friends, great run…and “just one more” which never turns out to be just one.


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