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on March 10, 2012

I’ve had a lot of people ask me and email me this question, “Why aren’t you running both marathons?”  The simple answer……I just don’t want to.   Yes, there was a point where I did want to run the Minneapolis Marathon again in June and the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  But to be very honest, (and this is a big decision so I had to be brutally honest with my feelings) there was more a part of me that didn’t.  I can’t really explain why because I don’t know why.  It’s just the way I feel.

The second question was, “Why the Women Rock MN Marathon?”  That was easy…because I want to!  Ha ha!  No really, many reasons.  Number 1 was the time of year.  I really wanted a fall marathon so I could do the bulk of my training in the summer months.  This winter, we’ve had a BEAUTIFUL and mild winter here in Minnesota.  But that was not the case last year when I was training for the June marathon.  Number 2 reason is that this is a newer marathon and it is sponsored by Team Ortho in Minneapolis.  I LOVE TEAM ORTHO EVENTS!  Of the races I’ve done since 2010, only one race has NOT been a Team Ortho race.  I love their events and will support them whenever I can.  Number 3, and this is a huge one when planning for races…for ME anyway, is scheduling.   This marathon is on Sept. 1st…over Labor Day weekend, and it fits our family’s schedule the best.  Even though I’m the one running in these events, this is not all about me.  I have a husband and son to think about.  My training schedule, the time away during training, the time traveling etc. affects them too.  Even though my husband and son are so supportive and encourage me all the time, I will not schedule races that we all don’t have the time for and can fit into our lives.

So, that’s how I came to my decision.

Now that I do not have a June marathon on the schedule, my training will change a little, and that’s okay.

And the final question that many people ask……what do you want your marathon time to be?  My answer is the same for this second one as it was for my first….I don’t care.  I read a lot of blogs, articles, Facebook posts, and DailyMile posts etc.  Many people have time goals, and that’s fine for them. I’m not one of those people.  And to be even more honest, I don’t care what other people have for their times.  If they are happy with their pace, with their finish time, then super.  But that doesn’t affect me, my training, my thoughts about my performance or race.

I care about being out there and doing it.

My time concern…..just finish before they close down the race.    Just finish upright.  And most of all, enjoy the journey it takes to get there.  If I do that, then I’ll have the time of my running life.


2 responses to “Answers

  1. Maureen says:

    I love the last 3 paragraphs most of all!!! It is all about you and what you what. I just signed Megan up today!! This will be her first marathon. I am so excited for it. I worked at the packet pick up today. It was a great turnout. Oh and I also love the part where you talk about Team Ortho they really are the greatest organizations around. I just got a large donation this week at the hospital from them!!!

  2. Heather says:

    I also love your last three paragraphs! I’m thisclose to signing up for the Women Rock MN full and I love that someone who has run marathons before has the same goal I do…just to finish upright! Thanks for being so open about it!

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