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Nine Mile Thoughts

on February 12, 2012

I went out for a 9 mile run today.  I set out from my house to run to a friend’s house.  It was a route that I hadn’t taken before, so I was a bit nervous.  Not about the distance, because I knew I could cover it, but just being on a new route.  Not sure why, because even as I’m writing this it sort of seems silly to be nervous about a new route.

As soon as I turned west, BOOM, I was hit with wind.  Great.  It was cold too.  There was no getting away from that wind either.  This route was the full 9 miles straight to my friend’s house.  There were times that the wind let up a little, but not very much.  I wasn’t fueled properly, so I didn’t feel the best as far as energy was concerned, and the wind really made it cold at times.  But, for the most part, I felt pretty good considering how difficult it was.

My MP3 player is not working correctly.  I can’t see anything on the screen, so I can’t even scroll through my playlist.  So I got the same songs, over and over, today.  Augh.  At least it was something, but I got tired of those songs.  I decided that I needed to focus my mind on other things rather than the music.

The first thing I thought about was the death of Whitney Houston.  I have been a huge fan of her since I was a kid.  I saw her in concert, have all of her records and CDs…..this was really hard for me.  I have been sad about her life since she married Bobby Brown and became addicted to drugs…all that talent just gone.  I ended up feeling very grateful that I was out running and not battling some sort of horrible addiction.

Then I thought about Sherry Arnold.  I participated in the Virtual Run in her memory yesterday.  I feel so sad for her husband, children, family, friends, students….what a terrible tragedy.

Thinking of those two women, and how tragically their lives ended, I thought about all the little things and people that bother me.  If you are reading this and thinking to yourself and you don’t have things and people in your life that bother you, you are not being honest.  Everybody has those things and people.  I thought about how insignificant my worries are in comparison to what Whitney Houston’s family is feeling.  I heard the best quote about her death this morning…”She may have been a star, but a daughter lost a mother, and a mother lost a daughter.”  Sherry Arnold’s family has no body to put to rest.  No closure yet.

These 9 miles were so good for me to bring myself back to reality.  My small little worries and irritations are NOTHING compared to what some people in the world are going through.

Sometimes people ask me why I run, and then go on to tell me how crazy I am.  Today is one of the reasons I run.  It gives me a chance to really think, to get myself back in check.   Even though the wind was difficult, even though it was cold, even though I felt like I ran double what I did my mind and soul feel renewed.  So call me crazy for running, but I love this feeling of getting myself back from daily issues and stress.  And those are my nine mile thoughts.



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