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Keep Writing and Running

on December 28, 2011

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my blog.  Very nice to hear and I really appreciate it and am going to keep blogging.  To TRISH….I’m so proud of you.  Can I have some dip?  (Are you laughing Trish?)

Now…back to blogging about my training.   It’s Christmas break.  I’ve been doing a lot of running outside because our temps in southeast Minnesota have been awesome.  There’s no snow and the roads are obviously not slippery.  However, I decided to get up early this morning and go run on the treadmill for two reasons.  One, I wanted to do a speed workout and that’s best for me on a treadmill, and two, because even though it’s break, I will be getting up early when we are back in school and want to try to keep up that routine.  I get up early when I run outside, but not as early. 

The alarm went off and I really considered putting it off until later.  BUT…I got my lazy self out of bed and went.    I didn’t have a set number of miles to run today, which is nice because I feel like I can just focus on pushing myself on pace and not have to worry about mileage.   It turned out to be 3 miles in all.  I warmed up and then pushed my pace hard in the middle and then cooled down.  I did abs after and then really took time to stretch.  One thing I’m trying to improve is stretching.  I’m a terrible stretcher, as I’ve said before. 

When school in on, my routine is this.  I get home, put food in Max’s bowl, go turn on the coffee pot, take Max for a walk so he can do his chores, have coffee and breakfast with the fireplace and the news on.  It’s so nice.  This morning though, was different.  I took Max out, but then I went back to bed.  I snuggled right in and fell back asleep until almost 9!!!!    When I woke up, I was so glad my run was done for the day. 

So when I got up at 9, I had the coffee pot ready and it has been a nice relaxing morning with Lane, Nick, and Max.  Lane and I are self-proclaimed “coffee snobs”…..not sure why we named ourselves that, except that we like certain kinds of coffee.  The darker and bolder the better.  We had been shopping last night and bought a whole bean Mahogany from Caribou.  Yum.   Enjoying the yummy coffee and my family a morning like this is very special.


2 responses to “Keep Writing and Running

  1. ryersons says:

    I needed to hear this today. I went to bed early, set my alarm for 4:40am to make a 5:15 combat class at the gym. At 4:40, I reset clock for 5:30. Plenty of time for treadmill or elliptical workout. At 5:30, I just turned it off. A few years ago, I was working out at 5:30 3 days a week. Now…ugh. I need to get back to that place. Once you’re in the habit, it’s wonderful 🙂

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