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on December 27, 2011

I have been thinking about this and wanting to write about this for quite some time now, and so I decided today to just write. 

Any of you who follow my blog know, (and hopefully understand) that I blog about my running for ME.  It’s not intended to brag or complain, or to annoy people.  I love to run and I also love to write.  Writing and re-reading my blogs helps me, and I do not proclaim to be an expert in any way.

I know that there are people on Facebook that are annoyed with running posts/blogs, which is fine.  I have had people tell me they could care less that I ran 3 miles today or you are not the only person in the world who runs. Guess what?  I get that.  Believe me.  If you read my blog about how running wasn’t “popular or the in-thing” when I first started running, you will know some of the struggles I went through.  Remember how I was made fun and told running was so bad for me and that I should do something else and then some of those people who said those things to my face are now “runners”?   Yeah….I get it.    I have actually considered stopping Facebook, stopping my blog, or doing both.   But I’ve had people also comment to me how much they enjoy reading my blogs and to please not stop blogging.  You can’t please everybody.  And I apologize to you if my blog about my running and training has every offended you.  I hope in the future, if you do read my blogs, you will maybe more understand where I’m coming from.

Having said all of that, there are some people in my life that I am directing this blog to….the ones that are what I call “non-posters”.  A “non-poster” is someone who works out every day, every other dayt.  A “non-poster” runs, bikes, swims, takes classes, puts in an exercise DVD.  These people, men and women, never post about it on Facebook, they don’t blog, but exercise in whatever form they choose, is a part of their lives and always has been. 

I post sometimes that I’ve been up early to run, and if you followed my marathon training blog, you will know just how early I got up for some of the long runs.  The “non-poster”  also gets up early to workout.  A “non-poster” will think, ‘so what…I get up early every day too.  I get my workout in before I go to work, I have a family, I have a full-time job and I get my exercise done.  Big deal that you got up early…I do too and I always have.’   This person never posts on Facebook that he or she was up early working out.

A “non-poster” might not ever enter a race, but runs every single day.  He or she may not be interested in the least about registering for an event, but can go out and run that distance.   Completing that distance on his or her own and NOT posting about it for everybody to see is enough. 

I have a cousin who has done many triathalons and is training for an Ironman, all while having a family and a busy law practice.  He has never posted on Facebook about any of that. 

I know people who take fitness classes several times a week and absolutely love them.  They never post on Facebook.

I know a woman who has been a runner for several years.  She does her own thing.  She doesn’t post every run on Facebook, in fact, she has never posted one time about her running.  Not once.  She has covered mile after mile, she has run LONG runs, and has never registered for a half or full marathon and has no desire to run in either event.  She can cover the miles and that’s good enough and satisfying enough for her.

I have had many people tell me, via emails, that they cannot afford a gym membership, new shoes, treadmills/ellipticals, gadets, running clothes because they don’t have extra money.  Their “extra” goes to their children.   They might be able to buy ONE DVD every once in a while.  But that doesn’t stop them.  They walk over their lunch.  The run the stairs in their house for 10 minutes.  They do plain old push-ups and sit ups.   They figure it out.

My husband has been a runner for years.    He and I have run in countless 5Ks together and some races beyond the 3.1 miles.  He gets up early in the morning and runs.  Sometimes we run together, which we love, and sometimes we go by ourselves.    He despises Facebook, so obviously doesn’t post about his runs.   He is dedicated to running for himself and his health and has been for many years. 

You get the picture, so what is my point?  Why am I, (and maybe sounding hypocritical since I do blog about my runs), talking about these people when I am a running blogger?  I am writing about these people to simply say……great job.  I have never said, nor will I ever say, that I am the only person in the world who runs and exercises and I think on Facebook, it maybe seems like I’m saying that sometimes and I don’t mean to say that.  To you people who are doing the same thing, but not posting about it, thank you for making me pause and think.  There are thousands of people like you out there.  People to work hard every day and don’t say a word about your exercise, your successes, your hard days.  You put in the blood, sweat, and tears.  You fit in your runs, your biking, your class, your DVD, whatever the case may be.  You also find the time, you find the resources, and you do it. 

You don’t post about your exercise because you don’t want the “pat on the back” .  Exercise, in whatever form, is part of your every day life…it always has been.  It’s a part of who you are and you don’t feel the need to blast it all over the place.  You think, “going to the bathroom is a part of my day too, but I don’t post about that!”  

You don’t want the pat on the back, but I’m giving you one anyway.  Whatever it is that you choose to do to get exercise, de-stress, clear your mind….keep up the great work.  You people are truly inspirations.




6 responses to “Non-Posters

  1. Great post. When I post on my blog or FB about working out it’s not for a pat on the back, but because it is something that invigorates me; something I love. I don’t see it as being that different from people posting about their kids, their jobs, their hobbies. Same thing. I did start a Shut Up and Run FB page and stopped posting about running on my other one for that very reason. I figure people who read my blog are runners and “get it.”

    • runnergal22 says:

      Thanks for the comments Beth! I agree with you…that it is the same thing as people posting about their kids and jobs. Running is a part of me just like my family etc. I guess for some reason, I feel more comfortable posting my blogs on my “Runnergal22” Facebook page instead. I’ve documented my marathon journey from last spring to June when I ran the marathon, and now training for a half in March and hopefully the same full in June. It’s helpful to me to look back on what I wrote about training and see what I could do differently…or what worked. Thanks again for reading!

  2. I used to post my running stuff all the time, then some people told me that it was annoying them…so then I quit, and then felt annoyed by others that were posting their workout stuff!?! Stupid, I know. I loved what you had to say in this blog, and I shared it on my FB wall! Keep running, girl! 🙂

  3. MG says:

    Hey! Great blog and post! I found out about it through Trish on FB and your recent piece. So true that some people just go out and do, while others want to write and share their experiences. It’s whatever makes us happy, I suppose, and I really liked your reflection about it as well as acknowledgement of the “non-posters.”

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