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Get This Off My Chest

on December 4, 2011

Things have changed since I first started running.  It wasn’t very mainstream.  People who ran were looked at as a little unstable…like there was something just “not right with them”. 

In this rant,  I’m not talking about my true friends who joke around with me about how crazy I am for running.  Not that at all because I joke about it right back with them.  I’m talking about some of the people who have truly hurt my feelings about my running.  People who have made fun of me, people have made very rude comments to me.  I’ve actually had people tell me that I shouldn’t be running because it’s so bad for me, it’s hard on my body, that I should be doing other forms of exercise. 

I actually used to run outside in the dark.  That way, nobody could see me.  If they didn’t know I was running, then they could make fun of me and/or make rude comments.   Yeah…I hid my running for a long time. 

Then I’ve had people in my life who try to “out-do” me, try to “one-up” me.  Really?  What made you people think that I’m trying to compete with you?    Do you actually think that if you “beat” my time on a similar race, or finish before me in a race that I care?   MY running isn’t about YOU.  But YOU are making YOUR running about ME. 

Running now is so accessible.  Wait…hasn’t running always been accessible?   All you do is put on a pair of shoes and get out there.  Not rocket science.    But what’s changed is that it’s more popular, it’s more “acceptable” and by accessible, I mean that you can type ‘running’ into Google and anything you want is right your disposal.  It wasn’t always like that.   In some ways, I feel like running, for some people, is an attention-getter.  I feel that it seems like it’s the “in” thing to do. 

Now, having complained about all that, I am grateful for some of these changes.  I obviously don’t have to hide my running anymore.   I love that I am able to blog about my running.  I can combine two of my loves…running and writing.    I do love the accessibility of information.  I am grateful for the people in my life who are so supportive of me.  The people who let me rant (like this), who let me talk excitedly about my running, who are not trying to out-do me.  I’m so grateful for those people in my life. 

This isn’t a typical blog entry for me.  And I’m almost done.   There are rude people everywhere, and that’s just the way it is.   I get that.   I guess I’ve had some hard and hurt feelings for quite a while now and it’s time to let them go.   Part of letting go of the hurt feelings is to just write….and get this off my chest. 




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