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I didn’t get up early this morning.  That’s okay…it was planned.  Last night, we attended a bowl game party at some friends’ house…had a little bit to drink.  🙂  So I knew I was going to sleep in today.

I had 3 miles on the plan for the day when it was time to run.  What a beautiful morning!  Although, I didn’t get out until this afternoon and by the time I went, it had turned colder and the sun was under the gray clouds.  I went to the golf course to run.  I ended up with 3.3 miles and they did not feel good.  It was my breathing.  My legs felt great.  I couldn’t really catch my breath today.  I’m chalking it up to the fact that I was probably dehydrated from the night before.  Yeah…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!   I got home and started to re-hydrate with Muscle Milk and water.

Bad runs used to really bother me, but they don’t anymore.  For me, it would be worse if I didn’t get out there.

But the big WOW for today was when I went to get the mail.  There was a package from TRISH.  When we talked on the phone on Thanksgiving, I was telling her about how I don’t run much outside in the winter when it has snowed or is icy because I’m very fearful of falling.  To my surprise, in the package was a pair of YAKTRAX  PRO spikeless coils for my running shoes.  You strap them onto your shoes and they are heavyduty non-slip running devices.  HOW AWESOME OF HER!!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to try them out!  Thanks so much Trishie!


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Keep Writing and Running

Thank you all for your wonderful comments about my blog.  Very nice to hear and I really appreciate it and am going to keep blogging.  To TRISH….I’m so proud of you.  Can I have some dip?  (Are you laughing Trish?)

Now…back to blogging about my training.   It’s Christmas break.  I’ve been doing a lot of running outside because our temps in southeast Minnesota have been awesome.  There’s no snow and the roads are obviously not slippery.  However, I decided to get up early this morning and go run on the treadmill for two reasons.  One, I wanted to do a speed workout and that’s best for me on a treadmill, and two, because even though it’s break, I will be getting up early when we are back in school and want to try to keep up that routine.  I get up early when I run outside, but not as early. 

The alarm went off and I really considered putting it off until later.  BUT…I got my lazy self out of bed and went.    I didn’t have a set number of miles to run today, which is nice because I feel like I can just focus on pushing myself on pace and not have to worry about mileage.   It turned out to be 3 miles in all.  I warmed up and then pushed my pace hard in the middle and then cooled down.  I did abs after and then really took time to stretch.  One thing I’m trying to improve is stretching.  I’m a terrible stretcher, as I’ve said before. 

When school in on, my routine is this.  I get home, put food in Max’s bowl, go turn on the coffee pot, take Max for a walk so he can do his chores, have coffee and breakfast with the fireplace and the news on.  It’s so nice.  This morning though, was different.  I took Max out, but then I went back to bed.  I snuggled right in and fell back asleep until almost 9!!!!    When I woke up, I was so glad my run was done for the day. 

So when I got up at 9, I had the coffee pot ready and it has been a nice relaxing morning with Lane, Nick, and Max.  Lane and I are self-proclaimed “coffee snobs”…..not sure why we named ourselves that, except that we like certain kinds of coffee.  The darker and bolder the better.  We had been shopping last night and bought a whole bean Mahogany from Caribou.  Yum.   Enjoying the yummy coffee and my family a morning like this is very special.



I have been thinking about this and wanting to write about this for quite some time now, and so I decided today to just write. 

Any of you who follow my blog know, (and hopefully understand) that I blog about my running for ME.  It’s not intended to brag or complain, or to annoy people.  I love to run and I also love to write.  Writing and re-reading my blogs helps me, and I do not proclaim to be an expert in any way.

I know that there are people on Facebook that are annoyed with running posts/blogs, which is fine.  I have had people tell me they could care less that I ran 3 miles today or you are not the only person in the world who runs. Guess what?  I get that.  Believe me.  If you read my blog about how running wasn’t “popular or the in-thing” when I first started running, you will know some of the struggles I went through.  Remember how I was made fun and told running was so bad for me and that I should do something else and then some of those people who said those things to my face are now “runners”?   Yeah….I get it.    I have actually considered stopping Facebook, stopping my blog, or doing both.   But I’ve had people also comment to me how much they enjoy reading my blogs and to please not stop blogging.  You can’t please everybody.  And I apologize to you if my blog about my running and training has every offended you.  I hope in the future, if you do read my blogs, you will maybe more understand where I’m coming from.

Having said all of that, there are some people in my life that I am directing this blog to….the ones that are what I call “non-posters”.  A “non-poster” is someone who works out every day, every other dayt.  A “non-poster” runs, bikes, swims, takes classes, puts in an exercise DVD.  These people, men and women, never post about it on Facebook, they don’t blog, but exercise in whatever form they choose, is a part of their lives and always has been. 

I post sometimes that I’ve been up early to run, and if you followed my marathon training blog, you will know just how early I got up for some of the long runs.  The “non-poster”  also gets up early to workout.  A “non-poster” will think, ‘so what…I get up early every day too.  I get my workout in before I go to work, I have a family, I have a full-time job and I get my exercise done.  Big deal that you got up early…I do too and I always have.’   This person never posts on Facebook that he or she was up early working out.

A “non-poster” might not ever enter a race, but runs every single day.  He or she may not be interested in the least about registering for an event, but can go out and run that distance.   Completing that distance on his or her own and NOT posting about it for everybody to see is enough. 

I have a cousin who has done many triathalons and is training for an Ironman, all while having a family and a busy law practice.  He has never posted on Facebook about any of that. 

I know people who take fitness classes several times a week and absolutely love them.  They never post on Facebook.

I know a woman who has been a runner for several years.  She does her own thing.  She doesn’t post every run on Facebook, in fact, she has never posted one time about her running.  Not once.  She has covered mile after mile, she has run LONG runs, and has never registered for a half or full marathon and has no desire to run in either event.  She can cover the miles and that’s good enough and satisfying enough for her.

I have had many people tell me, via emails, that they cannot afford a gym membership, new shoes, treadmills/ellipticals, gadets, running clothes because they don’t have extra money.  Their “extra” goes to their children.   They might be able to buy ONE DVD every once in a while.  But that doesn’t stop them.  They walk over their lunch.  The run the stairs in their house for 10 minutes.  They do plain old push-ups and sit ups.   They figure it out.

My husband has been a runner for years.    He and I have run in countless 5Ks together and some races beyond the 3.1 miles.  He gets up early in the morning and runs.  Sometimes we run together, which we love, and sometimes we go by ourselves.    He despises Facebook, so obviously doesn’t post about his runs.   He is dedicated to running for himself and his health and has been for many years. 

You get the picture, so what is my point?  Why am I, (and maybe sounding hypocritical since I do blog about my runs), talking about these people when I am a running blogger?  I am writing about these people to simply say……great job.  I have never said, nor will I ever say, that I am the only person in the world who runs and exercises and I think on Facebook, it maybe seems like I’m saying that sometimes and I don’t mean to say that.  To you people who are doing the same thing, but not posting about it, thank you for making me pause and think.  There are thousands of people like you out there.  People to work hard every day and don’t say a word about your exercise, your successes, your hard days.  You put in the blood, sweat, and tears.  You fit in your runs, your biking, your class, your DVD, whatever the case may be.  You also find the time, you find the resources, and you do it. 

You don’t post about your exercise because you don’t want the “pat on the back” .  Exercise, in whatever form, is part of your every day life…it always has been.  It’s a part of who you are and you don’t feel the need to blast it all over the place.  You think, “going to the bathroom is a part of my day too, but I don’t post about that!”  

You don’t want the pat on the back, but I’m giving you one anyway.  Whatever it is that you choose to do to get exercise, de-stress, clear your mind….keep up the great work.  You people are truly inspirations.




Get Lucky Training and Excitement

And I’m into official training again.  I’m training first for the Get Lucky Half Marathon.  It’s an Irish themed race, I did this last year, and it’s on Saturday, March 17th in St. Paul.  It was such a fun race and I’m so excited to run it again this year!

As far as the training goes, I’ve created my own plan.  I put together some plans from other people and places and added in some things that I want to try and made my own plan.  We’ll see how that goes!  Part of the training is for some other events as well, but that’s for another blog.

What I most excited about for the Get Lucky… Trish.  Where do I start?  Trish and I have been best friends since Kindergarten.  We were pretty much inseparable growing up….we even went to the same college.  In high school, where ever you would see Trish, you would see Jess.  Where ever you’d see Jess, you would see Trish.  Trish and Jess….Jess and Trish.  We would finish each other’s sentences; we were constantly at each other’s houses.  If we weren’t together, we’d be on the phone.  We went everywhere together and did everything together. 

She was the maid of honor in my wedding and I in hers.  We’ve laughed together, we’ve cried together, and everything in between. 

Once in college and then marriage and kids, life took us in different directions.  Phone conversations became scarce, but when we did talk, it was as though no time had passed.  We are always just as talkative and still, we can finish each other’s sentences.  We can still laugh at the goofiest things that maybe our husband’s wouldn’t laugh at or maybe they are rolling their eyes while they are having their own good time. 

The only thing Trish and I haven’t done together….is run.

Trish has run a few half marathons and one full.  When she was doing all her running, I was having my son and wasn’t running.  She would ask me all the time to join her for training and meet up for a half.  At that time, I had no interest in doing that and I always said no.  She was persistent though, and through her persistent asking, I began to run….and also to lose the baby weight.  I found that I liked running, but still couldn’t imagine doing what Trish was doing.  How could she possibly run that long?!  Run that far?!

She kept asking and finally I agreed to run a half marathon with her in April of 2006….SEVERAL years after she had first started asking me.  I was reluctant at first, but once I got into the training, I was so happy that we would have this to share together.  If anybody has really followed my blog writing, you already know that we never ran that half.  I injured my foot, and Trish was knocked-up.  Ha ha…Trish if you are reading this I know you laughed!  She and her husband were expecting their first child, and Trish wasn’t able to run it either.  We still spent that weekend together though!

As the years passed, our roles switched.  I became more involved in running.   The tables turned and I was asking her to run a half with me.  She was the one saying no.  I completely understood.  She was in the beginning of a very busy surgery practice, she and her husband were busy with their beautiful girls….just wasn’t the right time.  She would also say that maybe she was just done running, and again, I completely understood that too.  She had met some awesome goals for herself already.  I wasn’t upset at all that she wasn’t interested in running another half.   I understood because there was a time when I was the one not interested.

 Which brings me to Thanksgiving Day, 2011.  Trish and I were texting our “Happy Thanksgiving” messages back and forth.  At the end of one of her texts she wrote, “I’d be up for doing a half”.  I cannot describe how happy and excited that made me!  My heart was racing and I was excitedly telling Lane how happy that made me!  I immediately text back the information about the Get Lucky.  I ended up calling her and we made plans.  We talked and talked….when would be leave for the Cities…..we talked about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the local establishment back in Harmony that night with our husbands.  Later Thanksgiving Day, I picked out matching running skirts and emailed her the link. 

 I’m so excited that after all these years, we can finally run together.  After all these years of our lives and our running motivations not matching up, we are finally at the same place at the same time. Her persistence asking me to run with her all those years ago helped get me started running.  And we’ll finally be doing it together.

I am so blessed to have Trish in my life and to have had her growing up.   She is one of those people in my life that helps complete my heart.  She is a part of me that I cherish so much.  It is sometimes difficult to really put in words how much she means to me.   Maybe the simplest way….is to say that I love her so much.

I don’t care what our finish time is…..I don’t care how much we walk and don’t run…..I don’t care how much we run and don’t walk.  I just care that we will be together.   Trish and Jess.  Jess and Trish.




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Feeling Good

Today is Sunday.  I did a 2.5 mile tempo run.  I haven’t done a tempo run in a while and it felt really good. 

What felt even better, was the stretching after.  I took my time and really worked on my legs, hamstrings, and glutes.  Wow….felt really good.

And if the tempo run and stretching didn’t make me feel good enough, I came home and had my big glass of chocolate milk.  Mmmmmm…..that hit the spot. 

As much as I love running and love the way running makes me feel, what I’m feeling THE MOST good about, is my husband and son.  They are just wonderful and I love them so much.  And I’m feeling good about how blessed I am to have them.

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Get This Off My Chest

Things have changed since I first started running.  It wasn’t very mainstream.  People who ran were looked at as a little unstable…like there was something just “not right with them”. 

In this rant,  I’m not talking about my true friends who joke around with me about how crazy I am for running.  Not that at all because I joke about it right back with them.  I’m talking about some of the people who have truly hurt my feelings about my running.  People who have made fun of me, people have made very rude comments to me.  I’ve actually had people tell me that I shouldn’t be running because it’s so bad for me, it’s hard on my body, that I should be doing other forms of exercise. 

I actually used to run outside in the dark.  That way, nobody could see me.  If they didn’t know I was running, then they could make fun of me and/or make rude comments.   Yeah…I hid my running for a long time. 

Then I’ve had people in my life who try to “out-do” me, try to “one-up” me.  Really?  What made you people think that I’m trying to compete with you?    Do you actually think that if you “beat” my time on a similar race, or finish before me in a race that I care?   MY running isn’t about YOU.  But YOU are making YOUR running about ME. 

Running now is so accessible.  Wait…hasn’t running always been accessible?   All you do is put on a pair of shoes and get out there.  Not rocket science.    But what’s changed is that it’s more popular, it’s more “acceptable” and by accessible, I mean that you can type ‘running’ into Google and anything you want is right your disposal.  It wasn’t always like that.   In some ways, I feel like running, for some people, is an attention-getter.  I feel that it seems like it’s the “in” thing to do. 

Now, having complained about all that, I am grateful for some of these changes.  I obviously don’t have to hide my running anymore.   I love that I am able to blog about my running.  I can combine two of my loves…running and writing.    I do love the accessibility of information.  I am grateful for the people in my life who are so supportive of me.  The people who let me rant (like this), who let me talk excitedly about my running, who are not trying to out-do me.  I’m so grateful for those people in my life. 

This isn’t a typical blog entry for me.  And I’m almost done.   There are rude people everywhere, and that’s just the way it is.   I get that.   I guess I’ve had some hard and hurt feelings for quite a while now and it’s time to let them go.   Part of letting go of the hurt feelings is to just write….and get this off my chest. 



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