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And It Begins Again…..

on October 25, 2011

When I completed my first full marathon in June of this year, I was so exhausted from the rigors of training….mental, physical, emotional, that I vowed I would take a break.  I didn’t care if I ran for a while, but found myself out running about four days later.  All summer, I only ran when I wanted to.  I didn’t follow a plan and that felt so good.

It’s been almost 5 months now, and I’m ready to get back on a plan.  I want to run the Get Lucky Half Marathon in March again…the really fun Irish themed race in St. Paul, MN I did last year.  I have a new time goal for myself.  And that brings me to my real point here….myself.

I train by myself.  I get up early in the morning, by myself.  Sure, I read every running article I can get my hands on, I talk to my husband and friends about how I’m feeling and about my training and they are so supportive.  There are times that my husband Lane and I run together and I absolutely LOVE those times.  It’s uninterrupted time together…we talk…laugh…it’s great.  But the actual training….the blood, sweat, tears, work, running for a specific event/race….is done all alone.  By myself.  I know that Lane will join me someday, (so far schedules haven’t allowed for him to run the same events as me) but for right now, it’s just me. 

I sometimes wish I had a running coach…someone who really knows what they are doing and talking about….somebody really experienced who would run with me and tell me what I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing right.  It sometimes is hard to go it alone.  On the other hand, I don’t want to run with just anybody.  I don’t want to run with somebody who feels deep down that they want to compete with me…that they want to beat me…that they want to “one up me”.  That’s not the kind of person I want to run with. 

I started a “pre” training plan today; the first part of a lot of training coming my way.   It’s back in the saddle for me, alone.  And that’s okay, actually.  In an earlier blog, I wrote about how Saturday morning runs are my favorite because I really focus in on myself and my surroundings.  That’s what I do when I train.   It’s a good time to re-align my priorities, de-stress my mind and body, rid myself of toxic people and issues in my life that really don’t matter.

I have a few running goals for myself this next year….in 2012.  And I hope I can attain them.  I will keep working hard and keep reading….by myself.  But when it’s all said and done, the thing that matters most to me, is that I’m out there, training, doing something I love to do….even if it is by myself.


4 responses to “And It Begins Again…..

  1. sweatsisters says:

    LOVE it! I asked Scott if he would run the Kansas City Marathon with me for our 25th anniversary next October! He signed up to run the Hospital Hill Half with me in June, but maybe I should see if I make it through a complete 26.2 before I start making such requests! Wish we lived closer, so we could train together. I’m wrestling still with fueling during the long runs and starting to get a bit of an IT band issue with my knee. We could be each other’s training coaches! Guess maybe we still are through our blogs:)

  2. Deb Day says:

    Good for you. You seem more at peace with yourself when you are running. Now–WHEN are we getting together?

  3. Maureen says:

    Jess are there any running partners at your school district? You know enough to start one! Post some signs get a group going. We have a group of running friends and we will meet once in a while for a group run. All different levels. Itis a blast! Put an ad in the paper, just for friends to have fun no competition! Only fun people can join!!

  4. Sara Ryerson says:

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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