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Saturday morning runs

on October 15, 2011

I’ve had a cold, on and off, since Labor Day Weekend.  I’ve thought that maybe it could be allergies?  I’ve never suffered from allergies before so it would be a new thing for me, but I’ve heard that a person can develop them.  I was sort of figuring that I must have developed allergies because it was coming and going so much and everything was pretty clear.  Through all of this, I never really felt absolutely horrible.  I felt pretty good, but not totally myself….if that make sense.  Certainly not bad enough to stay home from school, but yet it was difficult to concentrate and my energy level wasn’t up there like usual.  Until Thursday night.   In addidion to the runny nose, I developed a cough, and now the cough is just a little deeper today, (Saturday morning) and my runny nose is just a little “thicker” and not so “clear”….I know,  TMI.  How do you know when it’s allergies, just a virus, or a sinus infection?  How do you know when to go in and get it checked out?   I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m still going to wait this out. 

I have been running this week, even though I had a runny nose and didn’t feel quite up to par.  I shortened my runs and just got out there.  Even though I didn’t feel “sick” this week, how I described myself above, my runs didn’t feel great.  I felt heavy, tired, sore….but it felt really good when I was done.  I kept pushing myself to get through these short runs because I sort of felt like I was ridding my body of whatever this bug is.  And I figured if it’s allergies, then I will just have to wait those out anyway, so might as well get out and run. 

And that brings me to today.  I look so forward to Saturdays for so many reasons….family time, college football, friends, sleeping in a little, crisp fall days, coffee…and my runs.  Saturday morning runs are my absolute favorite runs and it doesn’t matter the distance.  On Saturday morning runs, I escape…I am in a place where I’m not thinking about anything.  I am not thinking about work, what I need to get done at home, other places where I need to be to help out.   What I think about is how my body feels.  If I’m able to be outside, I take in all the scenery, the smells, the sounds of nature, the silence.  When I’m done, my mind is clear.   It’s so freeing for me.   I’m in a whole different world on my Saturday morning runs.  I treasure them and look forward to them all week.  And on a week when we are not home and I’m not able to get out and run, I miss them. 

But today, I’m not sure that I feel up to running.  I’m snuggled in, fireplace on, Max sleeping at my feet.  I’m coughing, blowing my nose, eyes watering.  If I were to talk, my voice is barely there.  I feel tired, but not totally out of it…somewhere in the space between.  But that Saturday morning run is tapping me on the shoulder…it’s that itch you can’t scratch.  Maybe this Saturday, my morning will just be rest only and maybe I will have a Saturday afternoon run and I will enjoy that just as much.   Or maybe it’s one of those Saturdays that I just simply rest….and listen to my body.  We’ll see what the afternoon brings.


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