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Blue Monday AND Tuesday

on October 12, 2011

It’s been an interesting week and it’s only Tuesday.  I’ve been annoyed, sad, tired, happy…you name it.  Full moon?  Maybe.  Lots going on in my life?  Definately.  Being pulled in several directions?  For sure.

So for the positive and the things that I’m grateful for in spite of feeling blue………***Cinnamon ice cream.  I absolutely love cinnamon ice cream and ONLY buy it in the fall.  ***Running with Lane and MAX tonight.  Max has not always, wait, NEVER been a good dog to run with.  But as he’s getting older ( and he’s not THAT old) he is better.  He stays with us instead of getting distracted at every little thing he sees.   ***A message from a dear friend…a message that reminded me of how much I love her and how I can always count on her.  ***That Harmony IGA had Taco Pasta salad in the deli when I went shopping.  It’s my favorite salad from there and it hit the spot tonight.  ***The hug Lane gave me when I said I was feeling down.    ***The nice talk that I had with my son before he went to the volleyball game.  It was one of those wonderful talks about everything and nothing special…football, school, Max…topics changing and not a pause in between.  Hugs and those talks are priceless

Tomorrow is a new day.  I get that.  And it will be chin up tomorrow and start over.   But tonight, I’m going to allow myself to feel down and feel grateful for those things in my evening that did make me smile. 



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