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One Week From Today

on May 29, 2011

One week from today, I will be nearing the completion of my first full marathon.  (hopefully the completion)  I have so many thoughts and emotions right now.

I was quite emotional last week, considering our experience last one week ago today.  I shed tears every day….nerves were very rattled.  That will take time.  My long run this week called for 8 miles, tapering down to getting rest before the big day.  Since it’s graduation weekend here and we have so many parties to attend, I decided would run the 8 miles before school on Friday.  Then it’s done.  I did that and actually felt very emotional about the 8 miles.  Completing the 8 miles meant that I had completed the last long run before the actual marathon… meant that I had completed my training.  I felt so good.  It was a difficult training and it was done, and I had stuck to it and now I was ready.  On paper anyway.

As I look ahead to this last week before the marathon and look ahead to the marathon itself, I have so many feelings.  I am scared.  I am excited.  I am scared.  I am wondering what it’s going to be like.  I am scared.  I can’t wait to see all the people.  I am scared.   I can’t believe I am even attempting this.  I am scared.  (Have I mentioned that I’m a little scared?!)  🙂

Apparently there is a KILLER hill at mile 17.  That’s what I’m most scared about.  That hill.

I have everything ready….my clothes, socks, fuel, music, mental and physical strategies that I’m planning on using.  Who knows if any of it will work.  

My goal?  FINISH.  I don’t have a goal time.  Time isn’t what this marathon is about for me. 

It’s crazy….one week ago I was lying in a ditch afraid for my life.  One week from today I will be running a marathon.  Goal time?  I’m just blessed that I have time….that I’m here….that I’m even able to do this.  And I hope I can relax,  step back, and enjoy every minute of it.


One response to “One Week From Today

  1. Maureen says:

    Jess you will do awesome! No worries on the hill, I have run it and it is not that bad only if you make it bad in your head. It is an incline an you put on foot in front of the other just like on flat ground. I am not sure what my schedule looks like next weekend. I hope to get to some part of it and cheer you on. Is anyone coming with you?

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