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Tough Day

on May 15, 2011

I’m starting the taper…which is scary and exciting and a feeling of relief all at the same time.  Scary because starting the taper means I’m close to the marathon date, exciting for the same reason, and relief because I’m almost done worrying about this. 

I was so glad today was going to be significantly less that last week’s 22.5, but to my surprise…it was awful.  It shouldn’t have been, I didn’t think.  No new terrain, no surprises in mileage, I’ve run these mileages SEVERAL times before…between 13 and 16.  But…it didn’t go as I planned.

I started out so excited because like I said, no change in terrain, I’ve run this distance so many times, it was FINALLY a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, it smelled like a real spring day, birds were singing, beautiful wildlife.  My heart felt happy as I got going and for about an hour and a half, I felt like I was just floating along.  And then it hit.

  And I don’t really KNOW what hit me or where it hit specifically.  It was all over.  A general whole body tiredness and soreness.  It was so bad that I didn’t know if I could even finish my run.  I considered calling hubby and having him meet me and pick me up, but decided against that and decided to fight through it.  It was so odd to me….I felt more tired, more sore…more of everything NOT cool than I did last week running the 22.5 and I could figure out why.  Last week, my thighs were BURNING toward the end and I was able to keep going.  This week my thighs were NOT burning.  They weren’t even sore in that way.  The best way I can describe this feeling was a general all-over-feeling-of-tiredness.  

I got home and this week I had stockpiled TWO bags of ice for the bath and actually couldn’t WAIT to get into the tub.  I put on my running tights thinking that would help me gut out more time in the tub than with just my shorts on and I was right.  I sat in the ice bath for 10 full mintues and I feel much better now. 

This week made me even more worried about the marathon.  I get it and I’ve even blogged about this…that bad runs happen.  It’s just like life.  Sometimes the things in life we think should be “easy” turn out to be difficult, and the things we think should be “difficult” turn out to be easier than we thought.  But I do not want what happened today to happen on June 5th.  

I’m down to 20 days.  All I can control are my own actions.  I have to keep working hard.  If today happens on June 5th, then it does and I’ll have to deal with that and the feelings after.  I just have to take these last 20 days one day at a time.


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