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on May 10, 2011

I wasn’t going to blog about this run, but I decided to do it because my whole intent of blogging was to document this journey for myself so that I could look back when it’s all over and hopefully smile and learn something.  My schedule actually called for 16 this weekend…a step back week before the big 22.  I was reading this article about the last few weeks before a marathon and the article said to NOT run the longest run in the last 3 weeks of training.  Well that meant that my 22 miler would be 3 weeks before the marathon.  Yikes!  What was I supposed to do?

I emailed my marathon rock #2, my cousin Kean, (my marathon rock #1 is hubby Lane).  I’ve mentioned Kean before and he is a huge inspiration to me.  He told me to get the 22 done this weekend (weekend of May 7th and 8th) and begin tapering.  This really threw me off mentally, and actually in every possible way.  It was the Big Band Bash weekend…which meant company, two concerts, throw Mothers Day in there….then add trying to run the longest run I’ve ever tried on top of everything?  To be quite honest, I mentally shut down Friday afternoon.  Oh…and I forgot to mention that I had to coach a softball game Friday night before the Friday night concert. 

There was no denying it…I HAD to run the 22 miles, and I HAD to run them outside on the trail…rain or shine.  This was going to be the big test.  I started out at 5:30am and it was actually quite light out.  Everything felt great.  Everything in nature was so beautiful.  I had on my pedometer, my cell phone, had my MP3 player in my pocket, my GU Chomps.  Everything was clicking….breathing, legs, mind.  I could believe how beautiful it was…I saw bunnies, a fox, a crane, several geese, a HUGE turkey that got up right in front of me and scared me!  I never did listen to music.  It was so peaceful out there and the sound of silence was very calming.

It was about 2 hours in and I had no idea where I was.  But, I was thinking that I had to be close to my turnaround.  It was then that I realized that I was in Preston!  Wow!  I had made it halfway!  Then I had to turn around and head all the way back to Harmony?!  Really?  I actually still felt great and mentally I was thinking positively that I was over half way done!  Then I started hitting some of the hills.  There was one hill that I saw coming up and I really did say outloud…well…not going to post it here.  I walked up that hill and two others that were like it.  From my calculations, I’m pretty sure that it took me 30 seconds AT THE MOST to walk each hill…so only a total of 1 mintue 30 seconds and saved my legs a little more.

By this point, my thighs were hurting a lot toward the end, but it was actually easier to keep running slowly than to walk and then have to start up again.  So I just kept a nice, SLOW pace, but kept running.  There were two things that I was never so happy to see….Ridge Road and the Harmony city shed.  Once I got closer to the end, I actually picked up my pace and practically sprinted in.  I didn’t care about how badly the increase in pace hurt, because it was like that John Cougar Mellencamp song “Hurts So Good”…that’s how it felt.  Even though by now, at the end, every muscle in my thighs, butt, hips hurt…even places I didn’t know could hurt, I felt on top of the world and I didn’t care what hurt.  I looked at me pedometer when I got to the end and it said…22.5…so I had gone a half a mile longer than what I needed and I felt amazing.  I then got emotional because I visualized myself at the finish line of the marathon.  I knew that I could do it.

Now I begin to taper.  This weekend is 16, then 12 the next, then 8, then the marathon.  Weekly runs and workouts will start to get shorter too.   So I just keep on plugging away…one foot in front of the other for 26 days.


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  1. Sara Ryerson says:

    I love living vicariously through you 🙂 Keep up the good work and stay healthy!

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