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I’m Still Here…I think…

on April 19, 2011

Well….it’s been several days since my last blog.  Last week was the week from heck.  We had so many music events, practices, and games….I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  On one of those days, one of my kindergarten students pointed out that I was wearing two different earrings.  On one of those days, I actually had on two different colored socks, but I didn’t admit that until now.  Today, after it’s all over and I could breathe a little bit, I counted eight, yes 8, empty cans of Diet Pepsi on my desk.  Nice. 

I did get my running done during all this, except one day.  To be quite honest, not one run felt good until today.  I think last week I gutted it out just to make sure I got in the miles, but I wasn’t concentrating on my running.   I was thinking about what event was next, what do we have to get organized, what do I have to get done to keep my head above water.  It was painful, not physically, but mentally to run.  I didn’t want to be running, I wanted to be sleeping. 

Today when I went to run, I felt a weight off because our week from heck was behind us and we made it.  I did a hill workout and it felt absolutely great.  My mind was so much clearer and I was much more focused.  I still feel mentally and physically tired, but so what.  After this morning’s run, I’m not as foggy. 

Even though I had a great run this morning, the weight has lifted, and I feel much less foggy, I did have moments today where I didn’t know if I was coming or going.  I have a feeling that I’m going to feel like that until this marathon is over.  We still have music events coming up (at least not five in seven days) and we’ll all have games…sometimes four games a week, and I’ll still have to get in all my training.  I might wear two different earrings and/or socks.  I might look at someone talking to me and not have a clue what they are saying to me.  Oh well.  There are worse things. 

Deep breath….one foot in front of the other.


One response to “I’m Still Here…I think…

  1. Linda Dwyer says:

    would you like to try some Spark or a Slam? I could send you a sample to try! It’s not an energy drink as much as it is a focus drink! It’s like windex for your brain!! I would leave home with out it? Let me know:)

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