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MAX Confusion

on April 8, 2011

So I talked about my right foot hurting in my blog about my weekend 16 miles.   It started hurting halfway during my run so I took it easy, stretched, walked a little, it quit hurting, and then I finished strong.  Perfect.

Monday during cross training…no foot problem.  Tuesday’s 7 miles, no problem.  Wednesday, however, I woke up at 4am as usual, got dressed, and decided to take Max (our yellow lab) out before I went to run.  Everything seemed fine, but suddenly when I took a step to put on his leash, my foot hurt….badly.  It scared me a little.  We went for our little walk….still hurt.  I was not sure if I should go run, my training called for between 3 and 4 miles, or if I should just rest.  I decided for the run. 

I get to Work-It-Circuit and get on the treadmill and I’m feeling very apprehensive.  Thoughts are running through my head about an injury and I’m second guessing myself as to whether or not I should even be trying a run.  The same thing starts happening as it did during the 16 miles…my foot starts hurting.  So I do the same thing, took it easy, walked a little, stretched, etc.  It never did start to feel better.  I did finish somewhere between the 3 and 4 miles, but I wasn’t feeling good.  I wore another pair of running shoes to school Wednesday instead of dress shoes for extra support.

I get home Wednesday night and made myself an ice pack.  I put up my foot and put the on the ice.  Toward the end, I massaged my foot with the ice and then took off my sock.  What did I find?   A huge bruise on the outside of my foot under the bone that is under the pinky toe.  WHAT?  Now I am confused.  How the heck did I get that bruise?  I didn’t fall down, I didn’t hit my foot on anything.  I don’t get it, where did I get this bruise?

Today rolls around and I get up at 4 and head out to run.  I have 7 miles today and I’m quite nervous about my foot.  As I’m getting ready and by the time I get there and get on the treadmill, nothing hurts.  I warm up and start to run….nothing hurts.  About 2 miles in, it feels a little tight and sore, so I stretch, it’s better.  I end up finishing the 7 miles with no problem.  A little confused here, but I take it and head home.  I ice it again before school, wear the supportive shoes and tonight, no pain.  The bruise is still there, the confusion is still there. 

As I’m pondering where this bruise could have come from, I remember that last week I was lying in my bed throwing a tennis ball to Max.  At one time, he got super excited and jumped up on the bed AND on my right foot.  I don’t remember that he landed on the outside of my foot because I was startled, but he certainly could have.  It would definately explain the bruise.   MAX!!!!!!  It’s never a dull moment with that crazy dog! 

I sure hope the bruise and on and off pain is a result from Max and not an actual injury.  I sure hope that Max didn’t CAUSE an actual injury.  Friday is a rest day, and then Saturday another long run.  So time will tell I guess.   For now, more ice, more anti-inflammatory meds.  I maybe should have listened to Carol Brady on that one episode of “The Brady Bunch”…….”Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house!”


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