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Music or no music? That is the question!

on April 6, 2011

The schedule today called for 7 miles.  That wasn’t a surprise to me since my Tuesday and Thursday runs have needed to be between 6 and 8 miles, depending on the week.  Sometimes I throw in combo runs such as intervals, fartleks (yes…there IS such a run and it’s not what you are thinking so quit laughing) Kenyan Outbacks, and hill workouts.  Again, depends on the week.  I always bring my MP3 Player, which is stocked with music from about all genres.  I like about everything when I run….heavy metal, 80s, jazz, Pop, Michael Jackson, pretty much you name it, it’s on there and I’ll listen to it. 

Here’s the thing….sometimes I like to run with music, and sometimes I can’t stand to have music on.   What’s weird is that sometimes, I feel like the music in my ears hurts and I cannot stand to have the earbuds in my ears!  Sometimes, it’s so nice to just either hear nothing, or hear the sounds of nature when I’m outside.  In fact, there have been times when I’m running outside that I’ll actually stop, close my eyes, and listen to the silence and breath in the fresh air.  But that’s another blog!   However, there are other times where I absolutely HAVE to have on some music or I feel like I can’t run another step!

This morning was one of those morning where I had to have music.  My playlist this morning was a constant repeat of ONLY these songs:  Welcome to the Jungle, Billie Jean, Stronger (Kanye West), You Know I’m No Good (Amy Winehouse), You Spin Me Right Round, and Chicken Fried.  Weird playlist!  But for some reason, this combination songs got me pumped up this morning.  

I guess I would say that I wouldn’t be able to choose music or no music.  I would say that I’m a little of both.  It depends on my mood and where I’m running.  But one thing is for sure no matter my mood or where I’m running, I treat my MP3 Player like an American Express card……I never leave home without it.


One response to “Music or no music? That is the question!

  1. Deb Day says:

    I love the playlist! Very eclectic! I especially love the Amy Winehouse with Chicken Fried! Now there’s a combination.

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