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The Beginning

on April 3, 2011

Three very good friends of mine are bloggers.  Two of them are new to blogging and one is an old hat, but I have loved reading all three blogs.  The all vary in topics, but are all interesting.   Since I do have an English degree and have always loved to write, I have suffered from writer’s block and have always heard…”Write about what you love, write about what you know.”  So, I decided to blog about the last leg of my marathon training journey.   I am not in any way attempting to BRAG about my running.  Nope.  I don’t run to impress anybody.  I run for ME.  Bragging is not the intent of this blog.  It’s just to get my thoughts down and maybe look back on this process and hopefully learn something!  So thank you to Melissa, Deb, and Libby who inspired me to blog!

Today, I got outside on the bike trails in Harmony for a 4 mile run.  It was beautiful today!  The sun was out, it was quiet out there and so peaceful.  Immediately my lungs and my legs felt heavy.  I hate it when a run starts out that way!  I focused on the quiet, the sun, the birds, and soon things felt much better.  I was relieved because sometimes, everything stays out of sync and you have to just gut it out!  I’ve learned that not all runs are great, not all runs are fun, not all runs feel good.  And anybody who says they are all great is lying.  Some runs are tough and all you want to do is quit.  Some runs, nothing feels right.  Those are the runs where I feel like I’ve really accomplished something. 

Tomorrow I have to put in 16 miles.  I’ve had two 16 milers so far.  This is not only tough physically, but mentally as well.  It’s difficult to wrap my head around it, so I have to dig down and focus.  I know I can do it, since I’ve done it twice so far, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  More tomorrow!


3 responses to “The Beginning

  1. Deb Day says:

    Ugh! 16 mile. I admire that determination! By the way, I wondered how long it would take you to start a blog!

    Love you~! Let’s SIFT soon

  2. The Fountain says:

    Yeah for blogging. Enjoy the reflection it offers. Your running and training is a true motivation.

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